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I asked what was born to you? And he told me that the last time he saw (two hours ago) it was a girl

D Adar A'

To father and mother (Dina writes to Eli's parents when they visited America for a time) and Uri Shalom,

I was debating whether to write in English or Hebrew, but I had just finished a letter to my parents in English and saw the manuscript, which for some reason had deteriorated greatly. I felt sorry for you ...

Here everything is fine. In fact, there was a certain slackness in my writing to you, due to the knowledge that you will not receive the letters immediately anyway, and who knows where you are and how and when the connection will be maintained, but when I learned that someone was going to America tomorrow, I regained my energy. Ari also said he would bring letters, so you'll be happy.

There is nothing new - Nehama has a tooth !! At a good and successful time, she too has finally grabbed the patent and crawled all over the length and breadth of the house, and recently she learned to stand (we lowered the mattress) and also to settle down from a state of crawling. What a genius! I am happy with her anyway.

Currently comforting old, she got the second vaccine a few days ago and everything went without too harsh a reaction.

Very good news: Joy has a son !!!!


And another misunderstanding that I need to correct. Did I tell you that Pnina and Yosef Zaini had a son? So no, it's a girl. And so it happened when Eli told me that Bezalel told Hyder that his mother had gone to the hospital, I waited a bit and could not resist - I called the hospital and asked what was born to Pnina Zaini.

I heard the nurse go and ask and after a while she came back and said "son." I was very happy and told Batsheva that she would give Shifra a kiss of good luck from me on the birth of her brother, and so on to Zvi and Bezalel.

Batsheva returned from school annoyed with me: "She has a baby." I started lecturing them that just because we have a baby, it does not mean that everyone has a baby, there are also male babies in the world and that is what Shifra and Bezalel have.

Batsheva stood her ground: "But I heard she told the teacher they had a sister!"

So my self-confidence began to falter - and really later, when Joseph called on a certain matter, I finally asked him if it was a boy or a girl? And he told me that the last time he saw (about two hours ago) it was a girl, but he was willing to check again.

Well their daughter is called Ora. Yesterday was the Kiddush and we walked from here. we had a lot of fun.


That is, Toby feels fine and everyone is healthy for goodness sake.

Something funny that Zvi said: "Today we learned about the pit"

I asked "Which pit?" (I thought about an obstacle on the way, etc.)

Zvi replied "about this pit, you know"

"No, I do not know," I replied

"That all the children were in the pit," he replied

"really? Why? who will? How? 'I asked

Zvi replied "Oops !! All the boys were in the pit - only Moshe and the girls did not! '

So I realized - "Deer, not ignorant - annotation!"

They learned Parshas Shemot.

It does not come out well on paper, but it was very very funny in the place.

Well, I'll finish because I have laundry to hang and lunch to prepare.

Enjoy your life - and you will succeed!

with love



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