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Exchange of letters between Eli and Dina when Eli went to the Keshet nucleus in the Golan Heights

A letter from Dina to Eli, who went up alone to Keshet Keshet in the Golan Heights while not feeling well. Dina was at the end of her pregnancy with their eldest daughter, Batsheva Keshet. 1974

R.H. Sivan, Parashat Bamidbar "And you walked on the road"

To my very dear husband,

In light of your journey to our newest settlement, to Keshet - according to Aharon Kleinpisch's interpretation of "our contra always" - to hold every inch of our holy land - My blessing and hope and faith, that all your actions, and especially your faith and confidence in Gd God of Israel "because the Lord is with him" "and you sat safely in the land" (as he mentioned to R. Zvi), will work their great and mighty work, In light of Yitzhak Rabin, Abba Even, Moshe Dayan, Golda Meir, and I do not care if his name is not sanctified in light of Henry Kissinger - he will die first (firm, no?).

In short - you will succeed, learn a lot a lot and live the reality and our sublime and mighty role these days.

Basically, it's all written, not so much to remind you of these things, but to remind myself. I'm so jealous of you! Nothing, .. also need care and faith and actions and inactions of their own.

good enough! I read it back and it's completely incomprehensible, even to me, so it's a waste of your time to read, and I was afraid to write (explanation: every time I want to keep going, you come in and I have to think fast and come up with some excuse The blue room? Like that's why I really went into her name, etc!).

Well, for technical and practical things - you will learn a lot, matter at least, and eat well, and work hard, and recover from all the pain. If necessary, try calling Toby 03-908102, or parents or Wolenski. If you feel like it - write once.

I love you

(Prosaic and not romantic - but real)



Firstfruits - the time of giving our Torah

Happy Shavuot!!!

Hello Dina,

We arrived safely yesterday afternoon, after many delays due to roadblocks, etc. Oded (Wolanski) briefed us on the situation, and illustrated to us the importance of the operation and the importance of cooperation with the people of Merom Golan. He and Eli (Sadan) returned to Jerusalem this morning to hasten a permanent nuclear organization that would go up for settlement. Rabbi Zuckerman gave a lesson in lights in the evening.

I still have no real impression and in the meantime I will not send the letter until Sunday, at the earliest, so I will write later.

Now later, we went to work: obviously colored onions (tulips), we only worked for about an hour and a half and then the shelling began, which were admittedly very far from the field, but very careful here that there would be no disaster. We were taken back to the rainbow, and now I'm going to study.

I was very happy to feel the rugs of the ground crumbling in my hands again, it made me long for the days of my connection and attachment to this ground, soil very similar to the sick soil, and the landscape even more beautiful.

This afternoon, I learned an important lesson in lights from Rebbetzin Hanna Tao. Yehuda Harel comes here, secretary Marom Golan, who is the initiator of all the action here, a huge and very important person, all devoted to the love of the Land of Israel and its construction, but since the trend is not clear to him on the part of calling on the name of God - he is also a realist.

Yehuda Harel talked about strengthening Keshet, with a permanent nucleus that will go up for settlement, and until then, a strong nucleus from the Golan Heights and other places in the country ... - but he did not stop there, and went on to say that if he signed an agreement and had to abandon Keshet, God forbid. In Hushnia, which is a few miles from here.

One of the members of Ramat Magshimim objected to this speech, trying to explain that there was nothing to talk about Phase B, but he did not speak forcefully, and there was an argument between him and Harel. R. Zuckerman was inclined all the time to Harel's words, for some reason, I do not understand him, and perhaps he did not exactly understand Harel.

Anyway, I sat down and almost exploded voluntarily to say things clearly and explicitly, but Oded told me before he left, not to talk and not to try to influence Harel, so I sat down and kept quiet.

Hannah (Tao) sat on the sidelines all the time picking rice, and in a complicated moment, a terrible sacred rite arose and with all her might she shouted at Harel all the words of Ratzi and the Maharal, etc .: "We are sitting here because it is written in the Torah and not to preserve other settlements, and only The cowardly thought and contemplative skepticism, causes all the troubles and disruptions of politics - like a plank that is put on the abyss, "etc., etc., etc., etc.

Yehuda Harel tried to argue and explain that he should take into account the abyss as well, but she really did not let him, and constantly shut his mouth from saying or expressing doubt, and told him that his point was to strengthen and increase our resilience.

That was the end of the yeshiva, and he was deeply influenced, speaking in praise of the yeshiva and the rabbi (Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook). Then, when she asked him which girl, where we would clear the bow when we were evacuated, he told her that the bow was here and there would be no evacuation.

Motzak - I tried to call you today without success. Shabbat was wonderful, the atmosphere uplifting, Eli Sadan and Hanan Porat and R. Zuckerman gave lessons. Kabbalat Shabbat we finished with an enthusiastic dance - from the Strait and the non-religious society also joined. There was a sense of great unity and brotherhood.

It is very difficult to study here, also because there is not so much time and no recollection and no quiet place, but I try. I studied a morality book of the Gra - Ibn Shlomo, and I began a human history. The Mishnahs suffer greatly.

Overall, there is a sense of importance and sacred greatness of erecting an arch. All of them - all kinds of people from all sorts of places who have, ostensibly, nothing in common, but that they are all from the people of Israel and all of them are associated with a tremendous love connection to their country. Gathering together in one trend - one heart.

There are religious and non-religious kibbutzim, just guys from the city, one Beitarist (Liberty) and a respectable and weighty group from the yeshiva. And one can see, more clearly, the revelation of the inner light of the Holy of Holies - the light of Christ. The light that reveals the unity of holiness and sand, matter and spirit in one division, which is all about the perfection of the kingdom of Israel in the whole land of Israel.

The 12 tribes of Yahweh are arranged on their flags around - and the tabernacle in the middle of which is a tent of meeting that springs and spreads from the ark of the testimony that is not counted.

This is how Kibbutz Keshet is arranged, that the agricultural and organizational power comes from Merom Golan, Elrom, etc., and the inner urge that animates and strengthens everything, comes from the sacred source - mainly by Eli Sadan and Hanan Porat, and is attracted by the other yeshiva students.

For weeks, I do not know who will be able to give lessons, maybe Oded will return.

Well, I want to send it. I'll probably be back on Thursday, unless I announce otherwise.

Lots of love and longing


If you were here with me, I might have considered staying longer.

Evening of Shvouot

I did not send the letter on Friday. Yaakov (Lebanon) came up for Shavuot, and a few other guys from the yeshiva and was really wonderful. It is impossible to describe the exaltation of the spirit - the inner heroism that is increasing here.

Sometimes one listens to the news, to know if already the light created here is beginning to be revealed and illuminate the rest of the nation.

But the news - here! The renewal of the divine courage that comes from the Torah given by the mouth of heroism, and there is no courage but Torah, which is spreading over all the courage of the Spirit who sits with them in the grace of the love of our land.

Every millimeter, every rug of sacred earth, is worth our imagination and our souls - all the news - the renewal of the certainty of our belonging.



My Din Din,

No one is going to Jerusalem today, so you will probably get it tomorrow.

The situation today is this request of a settlement in the process of its crystallization. There is already a serious permanent core and more need to come. Yesterday it turned out that straw is 100 meters on our side of the separation border. Apparently heaven wants restoration here will return. Had it really been in the territory sold to Syria, and we would have stood and not moved, it would have undermined the determination of the settlement and prevented support from the settlement department, and so on.

Galili and Alon were supposed to come yesterday, but we informed them that they had nothing to do here on Saturday, and if they wanted to come on Saturday, we would accept them on the condition that they did not come to talk about the disgrace they had caused. In the end, they decided not to come and only gave details about the separation map to the people of the Golan Heights.

It is still hard to digest and believe that those traitors succeeded in their vicious plot. But this is the situation, hikers in Quneitra who will be comfortable conquering again. Our services are probably on the Syrian side of the border.

The situation in the economy itself is not as it was a week ago. There is a chapter in Seeds that deals with the decline of the ideal in its encounter with matter, and so it happens here. Lots of social, organizational and administrative issues. Of these, very serious problems have already passed and shocked the young economy, but in BH things are getting better and the mood of the settlers is uplifted.

Through all the crises, labor pains, the universe has risen and strengthened. We have already started talking about the agricultural industries that are suitable for the soil and climate, and in general the course of illustration and speech is in a practical direction - to get closer and established as close as possible to the border, that if we do not get close to the border, it will approach us.

A lot of journalists and Talusiya people come to visit. Kol Yisrael was also present and interviewed Eli (Sadan). Professor Frenkel was here for Shabbat and Benny Mahareshek, the Palmach's propagandist, came to eat on Shabbat evening. Besides, there really is nothing new. I feel not bad. Most of the time my head does not hurt at all, and even when I have waves of weakness and pain, they are usually short and not serious.

I hope you are feeling well. Too bad you can not come. Vardina (Sadan) was to sit, R. Zvi (Tao) is also here, and he may come here for a year - it's a secret, do not tell anyone.

I think long and hard about Nov, but it seems. Apparently this is not practical, at least for 3 or 4 months and until then it can be examined whether there is really no possibility of staying in Jerusalem. think about it.

Now I'm done working. The Syrians cause much Torah abrogation in their silence. Today is the first day we worked a full day.

I'll try to get into Nov one day to see what it looks like. Find out if this one-time trip is dangerous for the baby in the first few months.

I forgot to tell you about the lift (delivery on a grand piano ship from Dina's parents' house in America), I did not have to travel to Haifa and there was no use in my trip. From next week it can come every day and they will inform my father in his office a day or two before that, it will come to the Sanhedria and we will have to press Sandrowitz (the owner of the apartment that Eli and Dina bought at PAJ in Jerusalem) to get the piano and maybe some other things into his house.

My line of thought now is to be originally Baruch (the neighborhood near the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem where Eli and Dina have lived since their wedding) for a while and then move on to Hanuv, when we rent the house in a furnished Sanhedria, but we'll talk about it at length. In the meantime, do not say anything to anyone.


with love


From "Suddenly Born" by Efrat Badihi (a book about the establishment of Keshet)

My eyes were locked on the gaze of Eli Horowitz, who had arrived earlier with the strong 14th. He came alone. Dina was left, his wife, who was at the end of her first pregnancy. Eli looked like he was in another world, and his soul blossomed out of his long, slender body. Such a river, which testified to him that he felt privileged to be a partner in something historic, for a rare moment on the long continuum of Eternal Israel, on the last day we sat in the bunker came a message through the army: "Eli's wife went to the hospital." He did not make it to Jerusalem, but he brought with him in his backpack the name of the newborn baby: Batsheva Keshet.

Rabbi Eli made the 40 days of the bunker with us with great emotion and projection on all its surroundings.

Monday, Or L 'Tammuz 5734

"The grace of the Lord is a world of song ...

To Dad - my infinite dear husband,

There is not enough time to talk to you. I miss you so much and love you, that I had to at least write. I did not even find any paper, just this single invitation (for our wedding) that fell out of my "lights" ....

Terribly upset with me because it's very late at night, but I can not sleep at all (I tried and tried). I have to tell you something wonderful:

We have a daughter. And she has a face. And she's so cute, I'm melted away from her. And her face and her character - yes, she has a character - they are special in the world - there has never been and never was such a thing! I already know her - you too will know her very quickly, and her voice, and her movements, and her cries (so gentle and feminine !!). And the funny faces.

I can not wait until tomorrow to see her, Dad, and also know - so wonderful !!

Blessed be God for the miracles and wonders of every day with us and at all times - evening, morning and noon, and for everything big and small and all the good, and for our daughter.

See you tomorrow at our house in Jerusalem with our Jerusalem daughter.

with big love,



To R. Eli and Dina

It is difficult for me to write at length, but I would very much like you to add to my system of general and private considerations my and Gilad's desires and hopes to see you as partners later in the construction of Keshet.

The prolonged sitting here raises thoughts in many areas and also the question of which rainbow to return to. The arduous hue you represent for us, which includes the hope for the continuation of the spiritual-social building as part of an all-Israeli mission at this time, will be very dear to us.

Haim Ben David


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