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Let us not look at others, there is no more false imagination than comparing one person to another

Letters written by Rabbi Eli Horowitz to his wife Dina, after learning of concerns about continued pregnancy.

In honor of my wife,

I do not know how to strengthen, maybe I should first strengthen myself to really strengthen, God is close to all his readers to all who will truly call him. To be true speaks the truth in his heart - that every word, every thought, every feeling from the source of truth stems, without any falsification. To eradicate the morbid imagination and strive for the courage of the truth, just be yourself. To be independent, to feel and feel what we are and what our lives are - in the vital positive sense the pleasure of God flows deep within us, giving us value and meaning, responsibility and hope. To be real, to break free from the anguish of superficiality - to call ourselves free without fear and without compromise.

When a person makes an account with himself, the end of the account can only bring him to the realization of his nothingness vertical dust and ashes, and then the eruption above the accounts must come - ascension, there is no me, and then for me the world was created. To be united with everything, part of everything, loves everything and belongs to everything, and then he speaks truth in his heart and clear truth.

And as long as a person remains in his privacy, in account, in superficiality, the truth is absent that he strives to be honest and sincere, he has no hope and nothing but deception, holding his own eyes and confusing life with lots of paintings and photographs and shadows, as a man confused between his bones and reflection.

Let us not look at others, that there is no more false resemblance than comparing one person to another.

To my beloved Dina, in the blink of an eye

I do not know how to encourage and reassure, how to strengthen a person when pressed. But my heart is full of love, love and sorrow, love and good will, intense love that I have no power to express, love that I do not distract myself from even for a moment.

What will be at the end of this period, I have no idea. No feeling or hint in the heart if things will end for the better or for the better. But I have a deep and assertive feeling that in the midst of the devastation of tension and anguish, nervousness and tears, something is going to be built. Something that is bigger and existing and eternal even from a successful pregnancy.

It is possible that for others, this floor is built with less toil and difficulty, perhaps the sons of wise students live so naturally, and who knows if our children will not also grow up in such spiritual health. But let us not look at others, that there is no more false resemblance than a person-to-person comparison. And let us not thorn in these torments - Ibn Masu Habonim was in Rosh Pina.

The tree grows, planted on streams of water - standing firm and calm against all the winds in the world. A tree with its roots down on streams of Torah, whose palms are married in frequent prayer and whose heart is quiet and confident, and it will bear fruit in due season, and whatever it does will succeed.

The queen is approaching. And he did not have time to finish my thoughts, but know, my wife, the wife of my covenant, myself and my flesh, that it is not imaginings that bloom in the air that I paint, but certain hidden truths hidden and hidden in the depths of the current noise and irritability.

Let us both pray with strength and strong hope, with the heroism of faith that the Creator will succeed in creating your pregnancy and that he will give birth to a sustainable child in his time and in a whole time in all his spiritual and physical limbs, and that we will love, raise and educate , In Gaza.


A letter written by Rabbi Eli to Dina when she reached the age of 30, after they learned that she would no longer be able to give birth

The smell of Nissan will fade

To my beloved Dina,

When you come to go good lights from darkness said and be

Lights of together in a world of separation

Lights of faithful love and true friendship

A look of grace

Deep eyes

Lights of depth in a world of superficiality

Heat love melt in a match stiffness

Joy of opinion that includes worlds

Lights of delicacy in a world of rudeness

Renewal of evil in trust and innocence

Sweet uncle uncle pleasures

Lights from the Dark said and be

The sparks will cluster one by one

They will bloom and yield, they will protect witnesses forever

Because that is our faith in a firm heart.

That even when darkness darkens our lives and multiplies on the one hand the wrinkles of life, the lights are paramount!

Join, overcome, grow a fresh growth

The forces of strength will fade away - thoughts of old age and despair will be thrown into the depths of the sea and their drawing will be erased.

And my dead wife tells you,

Lights from the Dark said and be

Out of the Dark and by the Dark

In constantly overcoming any insistence determined by sweetness,

White love doubles

And if so, we will work faithfully in our home

We must have seen a sparkle - an explosion of countless shades

Fresh olive seedlings, to the glory of our people.


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