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I wanted to tell and describe how sad I am and how confused ... and instead of all this I am suddenl

Rabbi Eli and Dina were educators for mental and practical creativity; Educators with depth and horizon, who have built in the souls of all who meet them a long look connected to eternity, along with sensitivity and caring for the details of the present.

Their warm, happy, sincere attitude, which gives place to every person wherever he is, attracted to them all who met them, people of all shades and types. Rabbi Eli and Dina had four children: Batsheva, Zvi, Nehama and Shulamit.

Rebbetzin Dina had a blood pressure problem, and the doctors recommended that she not get pregnant again after her first pregnancy. Dina went through many pregnancy attempts, went through seven miscarriages and two children who died near birth.

These attempts, with all their dealings, have built not only figures with a special and winning personality but also such a relationship to which we look.

As in their lives, which were together in everything, so in their deaths - Rabbi Eli and Dina the 14th were murdered on the eve of Shabbat Kodesh, Parashat Pekudi 5763, in their home, in the midst of the Shabbat meal. Their soul is bundled in the bundle of life.

From the book "Dawn I will ask you"

Cited here, to strengthen and encourage, exchange of letters between Dina and Rabbi Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook, ztl.

letter from Dina to Rabbi Zvi Yehuda

Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Adar, many rejoice !!

In honor of Rabbi Shlita

Thank you, thank you very much to the rabbi for his happy and encouraging letter.

I write again because as I have already written, the very act of writing, and the duration of writing, the thought of writing, themselves are very empowering and excruciating and I am even filled with joy in writing.

I am still in hospital and today the doctor told me that according to the tests and follow-up etc. it seems to him that the fetus is not developing and that it will be necessary to terminate the pregnancy, although the conclusion is not final and he recommended waiting another day and see how those tests came out tomorrow, and I was very sad. Not to cry a lot, because I did not believe and I still do not believe that this is how it will end.

Eli keeps telling me, and I memorize to myself, "even a sword rests on a man's neck do not despair of mercy," and on Rosh Chodesh, a women's holiday, and on Rosh Chodesh Adar who is very happy, I am full of prayer and even maybe thanks for the cabbage we lived and kept Here.

Suddenly while writing to the rabbi where I wanted to tell and describe how sad I am and how confused and how I just go into small little accounts about how much I wanted a lot of kids, and when I will have another baby to breastfeed, and how happy I was pregnant from the beginning ... and instead I am suddenly filled with joy. Without thoughts and without explanation and without anything, how good I am !!!

Rabbi, my prayer is that this feeling and all the good thoughts and powers will never leave (and that in the days and weeks to come I will learn to establish things in the mind and from there to all of me, and my husband and family today and for generations to multiply joy, true joy and complete love and sanctification of God in the world.

And let there be a desire that within all the people of Israel we will be privileged to bring holy seed to sons and grandsons who sanctify God in the full sense of the word, and that he will succeed in this pregnancy and grow and develop and strengthen my fetus that will be born at a good time and perfume the world with great blessing.

What a wonder how I approached writing, and how I wrote!

D. Do not provoke me in your nose and do not torment me in your anger.

Letter from Rabbi Zvi Yehuda to Dina Horowitz

in her

Jadar 5768

Dear and very respected Dina,

Not to you, not to you such moods, in the fullness of the mind and enlightenment of the faith of the master Nadra - in the sanctuary, marvelous, and sublime all of you unquenchable and elegant resilience - salvation and peace of mind proper and decent to you, in these exalted days, - His confidence, to be multiplied with joy, all the more so because you are not ready and willing in the truth of the superfluous understanding, as the words of Chazal, .

In the continuation of the abundance of complete blessings from the source of their recitation in the Torah and from the heights of our glorious city called in the name of Gd and all the powers of strength that are with you all, Blessed be God,

Loyal to your safety,

Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook.

Letter from Dina Horowitz to Rabbi Zvi Yehuda

Beside, Monday

In honor of Rabbi Shlitiya

At least write down the things that run through me and confuse me, preventing me from waking up and looking straight ahead, but that at least makes it a little easier.

I am pregnant, and there are signs of an impending miscarriage. The medical treatment is excellent and in this respect I have the feeling that I am in good hands. The situation is that there is not much to do, just lie down and wait and see how things fall. But mentally I am generally quite scared and the fear of what will happen to me at times.

I had an abortion in the past, two and a half years ago on the eve of Yom Kippur, for lack of medical staff and a combination of all sorts of other reasons. I then went through a real nightmare, physically and mentally. It is difficult for me to free myself from memories of that event from what was so similar in its beginning, and from implications from the past to the present.

It is as if all the 'super-medical' treatment I had received from the rabbi had to be experienced in reality in order to be established. May the powers that be in me and especially the power to overcome the fears, heroism and courage, be strengthened and discovered and take their elevated and worthy place.

Unfortunately I am weak in body and spirit. The mind is not correlated with what my heart feels, and the result is times of relief and joy on the one hand, and times of horror and sadness on the other. I try to get stronger by studying with my husband, but I do not want to take things superficially. The mind already knows, but I want to grasp things in truth, in depth in life, that I may be happy, a heroine and [confident].

I had moments, three times a day that passed, that for a second I felt very, very much the power to discover what I really had in the midst of this complication. But those moments passed without leaving a visible impression.

I believe and pray that they acted. And more how they acted, but most of the time the quantitative worries and fears and is very, very focused on myself. As if I have partitions around me that give no effect ... with everything and force me to turn inward inward in a general sense.

How to overcome this war in this storm? And how to increase the good in faith by courage over fear and terror?

How to reach that plane of inner joy and peace that works well, only good, and get out of the fears that lead to the fulfillment of fear ??

Letter from Rabbi Zvi Yehuda to Dina Horowitz

in her

Tuesday, which was doubled because - well, 28 Adar rejoices in the year 5768

From the source of the blessings mentioned in the Torah is the abundance of complete and faithful blessings.

In honor of Ms., wife - friend Mrs. Dina Horowitz who will live and live for UIT.

Strong and courageous, and full of all faith - confidence in the validity of Noam Yeshua D. Gd our grace, which answers all who will truly call him, and remove all fears and anxieties, which are not real, and all revelations and secrets will be revealed,

Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook.

Another letter from the late Rabbi Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook to Rebbetzin Dina Horowitz

in her

25 Adar 2 5768

From the source of the said blessings and promised in the Torah every good and blessed to you dear and very honorable Dina, in the space of your mind and enlightenment of your righteous and clear faith, strengthen and embrace, and strong and embrace in all validity and resilience In the pleasant fortunes of the success of the days of the Blessed Sacrament and of Achi, throughout good and happy days and in the illumination of the face of Tzur, we have mercy on God for the renewal of your happy fortunes.

From the heart and soul of your faithful, watching the vision of complete salvation.

Zvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook

Dina's letter to Rabbi Zvi Yehuda


Tuesday Elul took place

In honor of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Shlita, as Eli reminded the rabbi, I am pregnant, and due to a complication I lay in a hospital for a week and a half. During this time they did all the necessary tests and decided that the pregnancy must be terminated because it does not develop properly. And the doctor did not object and this time the results came out positive, meaning that the pregnancy was indeed developing. I was released and ordered to just lie in bed at home.

Now, after more than a month of lying down (and during this time I did more tests, they were all fine) I visited the doctor, he checked me and confirmed that there is no progress anyway, and he thinks there is no choice but to end the pregnancy - although they will do another test - but he does not give Lots of chance.

I feel really fine. I ... of course I'm very, very sorry for the sudden and surprising news.

I would like to ask the rabbi to pray for the success of the pregnancy and that we will have the time to give birth to a healthy and whole baby in his body and soul, and that we will be able to educate and raise him to Torah and good deeds and Kiddush D. And love of God and Israel with him and longevity.



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