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"I do not believe! I can not believe it! "Then Zvi woke up and asked anxiously" Mom, what happened?

Dina was an educator at the district seminary and there were many conversations and meetings that I had the privilege of having with Dina, at many staff meetings at the seminary, every sitting in her presence was overflowing with warmth.

When I hear from girls who say that for them Dina is still missing, I tried to think about it. Dina was the secret of an answer from love.

A girl says she told Mr. Liba to Dina and cried, when she opened her eyes she saw Dina crying too.

Sometimes it is thought that when you hear a problem straight away you have the prescription of how to solve, you have the tools or some professional approach and understanding of your status. With Dina it was not like that, when she was with a human being she was with him in the sense of 'your selfish people in trouble' not to take him out at this moment, first of all I am with you.

The son Zvi says that he once woke up at seven in the morning (it was during a period of terrorist attacks and I wish it was at seven, Zvi) from some shout of his mother "I do not believe! I can not believe it! "Then he woke up and asked anxiously" Mom, what happened? What happened? 'And Dina replied,' You do not know, a student is engaged. '

Everything for her, it was to live the thing to the end.

Looking outside, when you see a teacher crying along with her student because it hurts her, it's hard for her, Mr. La, so you ask yourself, wait a minute where's the authority of the teacher in me? Where is the authority? Where is the distance? Authority and distance are foreign words, however, authority is to be close to, to be connected and attentive and embraced, authority is as part of our being together - one.

Dina knew the secret of love, she knew it not only in the mind but in her whole being and she melted wall after wall.

Dina, as she is called, from the language of law which is the depth of grace, on the part of the depth of grace she saw that 'you are all beautiful my wife and there is no blemish in you' and through this point she managed to infuse tremendous energies within the people.

Dina's togetherness was so strong, Dina knew how to reveal the tear that was inside, she did not create it she just revealed the tear. She did it with complete naturalness and that is all the grace and all the beauty of Dina.

Dina Rap


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