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Cards from the lives of Eli and Dina Horovitz

An excellent way to create an in-depth and uplifting conversation around their character and to feel a little of the light and love they left in the world.

Take time with the people you love, family, friends or alone with yourself, and enter the rich world of stories, insights, photos and thoughts of Eli and Dina.

This is an opportunity for a meeting that will leave a mark of openness and curiosity for a life of depth and authenticity. 120 cards that will give you hours of fun and play.

Cards that will open you up in more directions

Eli and Dina Horovitz were lively people. The course of their lives testifies to the claim of the inner truth that was always a candle to their feet, and led them to choose a life of Torah and faith, a life of settlement and kindness. They loved life and lived it to the fullest, full of emotion, pleasure and sense of humor, curiosity, admiration and love of people.

We have collected for you some of the stories, insights and letters they wrote, photos, features and questions for thought.

This is an opportunity to be inspired, to remember, to look inward and to grow from an open and enjoyable conversation.


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