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I see a picture of Rabbi Eli sitting in a study, studying eight files and all full of joy and excite

Yehuda Sadan


Rabbi Eli and Dina our beloved

"This couple, who were so uplifted, knew how to appreciate also the natural private love in its pure value, and they had the natural pure love, and the enlightened national love, and the holy and glorious divine love, arranged in battle, like the Tower of David built for Talpiot" 'D in relation to the figure of Rabbi Akiva).

Such are the teachers and in-laws of Rabbi Eli and Dina. They knew that the wider and stronger the foundation of natural pure love, the higher and fuller the glory of the holy divine love.

The natural love began with Rabbi Eli in the love of the land in Kibbutz Hulata (how he would tell me - you can not understand the intensity of the feelings of a farmer who puts his finger in the dry land and waits for rain), knowing the wildflowers of their kind.

Rose and ascended to the immense love, between Rabbi Eli and Dina, which as it developed over the years warmed and united all the children and grandchildren, and from there broke the family circle, to tens and hundreds of students and friends who so wanted to cling to this wonderful harmony. For several hours a day, Rabbi Eli and Dina sat and healed people by mental conversations and by meeting with their noble personality.

And from there the same love rose and ascended to that wondrous spiritual world, to which they belonged. The same world that their rabbis put him into, the late Rabbi Zvi Yehuda, and Rabbi Zvi and Rabbi Oded, with their wonderful inner connection with them.

Seder night with Rabbi Eli and Dina, this is a Seder night where the children also rise to feel the 'as if he came out of Egypt'. And the adults also get to deal with it, in general spiritual ideas, from the beit midrash of the late Rabbi Maran and the late Rabbi.

And all in one message, full of sweetness, grace, depth and grandeur absorbed each according to his interest and rank.

This is exactly Rabbi Eli, teaching infants of Beit Raban, who binds the soft children to the soul of the father of the nation Abraham our father, and at the same time he is the man of secrecy.

I see the picture of Rabbi Eli sitting in a study, studying eight files, and all full of joy and excitement, of clarification and further understanding in his spiritual, deep and pure world.

Rabbi Eli, who in his internal notebooks connects the sages' midrashim on this week's Torah portion to the great redemptive Torah that is taught in this holy yeshiva, to which he was so attached.

Rabbi Eli, who was so broad-minded to many worlds of opinion, but without any blurring. With a clear distinction between the inner life force of Israel - the Holy Torah, and the completion of the externality of life, Yefet's beauty in the tents of Shem.

Out of this inner world you have taught, and taught so much. Gemara Study in captivity - Hebron, Sefer HaKozari, Mesilat Yasharim, Orot, Parshas - Shavua and the special lessons on the sanctity of times, to which you were so attached.

All the lessons stemmed from the teachings of the late Rabbi, and pumping water in Sasson from his disciples.

Grandpa and Grandma, you came to say goodbye to us on Thursday night towards Saturday. How Grandma Dina, took every grandchild and grandson, and gave him her infinite kindness. And how Grandpa Eli, after the joyous dances of the month of Adar, manages to explain to Ligal, the grandson, about "the generation received it in the days of Ahasuerus."

On Friday, grandparents walked the Lupine Hill in the Ella Valley, and on the night of Shabbat Kodesh they ascended in holiness and purity in their morals, sacrificing their lives for the sanctification of Gd, as a continuation of Rabbi Akiva's path.

Grandpa, you had a special connection to the name: Akiva. Whenever we had to decide on a name for the circumcised child, you would, Grandpa, gently hint that the name Akiva is truly a charming and meaningful name. We won and your fourth grandson is named Yair Akiva. We now understand more, why you were so attached to the enlightenment of this wonderful personality.



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