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In the sealed room with Rabbi Eli and Dina Horovitz

Remember SpongeBob, Saturday night. Entrance home. A hug in the kitchen.

Dina's egg salad cut with a knife, delicious challah. Chocolate surprise at a third meal.

Rabbi Eli's lesson came to study.

Peeking out of the kitchen.

Guests. And more guests. And an open heart. And wisdom.

And one long Saturday in the Gulf War, which came out and I was privileged to enter with Rabbi Eli and Dina into the sealed room. Psalms and lots and lots of sense of humor.

Our children are named after them, because we have won and been matched by them.

Miss very much.

They are so present in our home.

Beloved Batsheva, Zvi, Nehama and Shulamit.

love you.

Danny and Yael Kraus


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