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For me you have always been and will remain with me - and Dina, embracing my soul and the soul of my

Rabbi Oded Valansky

Har Hamor Yeshiva

"Eli, Eli, why hast thou forsaken me"! To me, and truly Rabbi to me - and even though for me you have been and will always remain to me - and Dina, embraced my soul and the soul of my wife, our spirits and souls, from time immemorial. To stand here in this courtyard, in this place, in the horrors of the special personal circumstances for me and my family, and to hold on to the wings of your pure souls that like the radiance of the sky warn, to hold on to the wings of your holy souls, refuse to part, here in this place ...

Eli and Dina! From the power of the pleasantness of your nobility, the hallucinations of purity and goodness, the size of your Torah-wisdom, the depth of your understanding, your goodness and pleasantness and the joy of your life, you were taken from the land of life in a storm to the yeshiva of Ma'aleh, Hebron Valley. From the original source of the lofty and lofty integrity of your nobility, the honest Koiya, the supreme ideal, you were subdued to the ideal of the eternal beasts, in the clerk - the eternal order of the eternal thought of God , The thought of the ancients from the heavens of my ancient heaven. Once, Eli and Dina, once you let me dare to say - from there you take, from there your soul winks and there you go again to go forever.

Here that yes, a dose of double holiness was! And sticking to your unity is all one, unique and special forever and ever, from world to world. What a light, what an enlightenment of life. The perfections of life and the refinements that have filled your life out of most of the difficulties and hardships you have gone through, the long and consistent special path that you have made each one separately and the two of you together, have been a sign and a masterpiece for all. "Lights from the Dark Said and Be"! And you, indeed, where you have come, in the wonderful embodiment of this supreme divine order in our generation, a generation of redeemed, among you.

About twenty years ago you were determined in Hebron. You, who in your devotion sacrificed your life's work in holiness by laying the foundation of the disciples of the sages in Israel, by placing infants of Beit Rabban, and from there you ascended to the top of the summit by standing in the wisdom of your nobility, honesty, on the foundations of essence and imputation of strength. That in your pure and wondrous ideality, you will establish your abode, the core of your life, your enterprise in the sanctity of the building of your life and your family and most of your students, near the strongholds of the patriarchal world, the first man, make yourselves songs to the Knesset of Israel. All of you are a pure, pure, undoubted connection, heartfelt amazement, nervousness, heartbreak. All honest, white, clean, attentive to the right of the exalted, the long flaws, to the divine ideals in their ancient, very comprehensive spaces, which in the suction of their suction and constant spread from the source of life to infinity to the lands of life, here in Eretz Yisrael, in the State of Israel. The refinement of your works in the holiness and mightiness of life.

Hebron. You went up to Hebron! You ascended in Hebron! From the depths, from the depths of the depths, from the more vanishing roots, from the foundation of the thought of the hidden, inner, first of all Israel, from the heavens of heaven, the Holy of Holies, the patriarchal right, so well poured in your daily work in your souls of your disciples, so good so honest, So strong, so real, for the building of the house of Israel, the eternity of Israel for its redemption for world generations from world to world.

From the Hebron Valley you have ascended, you have ascended in the heavenly storm, to a higher partition that no creature can withstand, near, near to the neighbor of a place, forever and ever and ever.

Your souls warn like the radiance of the sky, Eli and Dina. Terrible from your sanctuary! There was a double dose of holiness in the booklet, and I will stand here refusing to say goodbye…

Eli and Dina, from the Hebron Valley, wink. You wink from the Valley of Hebron as all our generation, as all our generations, the generations of the revealed end, the generations of the beginning of the growth of our redemption, wink and stand from the depths of the ancient deep counsel of the righteous of the world. One of the last things we talked about, Eli, that I had the privilege of instructing you a place in, was in need of the owner of the "Divrei Emet", the sage Yitzchak Bachar ztl, on the Hebron Valley issue, in the depths of the deep counsel of the righteous of the world. When you came back to me after your study full of pleasure.

And from the depths of this advice, on your platforms spaces we will exalt ourselves to the opinion and say: If there is anyone in the world, if there is anyone in the beasts of prey who attacks us from all sides who thinks that the people of Israel are hidden in the marches of his salvation, then in the depths of the advice of the ancestor of the world. On the platforms of our enemies, in the heavens of antiquity, the commandment of salvation and mercy in which, as all clarity of your progress and transcendence, Eli and Dina, rests in holy and pure virtues, in the spaces of eternity, yes every sub-order validates our progress, we who remain astonished and painful, progress , In the virtues of the song of redemption, "For our people is God."

Al-Natan and also took. From the source of the heavenly name of the higher mercy, of the "Mercy, we have mercy, speech D", where the source of the gift and also the source of the taking. And we here, holding the wings of your pure souls refuse, refuse to part, all the congregation of Israel, here in the Land of Israel, in the State of Israel, stand up for revenge on heroes, dare heroically, our ears tend to listen and hear, open our hearts to be filled with the noble springs from which they sucked and their waters flowed to souls. We will be filled with the heroic heroism of a composition, "All Israel is friends", possessed by friends who builds power, builds ability, builds heroism, wisdom, resourcefulness, courage, devotion, the pinnacle of the divine ideal of our lives, the Torah for its generality and many spaces and distances. And the resilience of our national, social and political-military lives.

"Soon I will be sanctified." We sat at home on a clever Saturday of beloved students in those horrible and hurried moments of last Saturday night, and sailed very far in the matter of "on Shabbat two whole-year-old sheep." I do not know how we were drawn to this talk, but it was so. We set out to talk about one thing and were drawn to another, and we went on and on and we did not know what and why. From "We rested in it" on Saturday night, we were drawn to "We rested in it" in the morning, and we expanded and moved away and ascended in the sanctity of the additions and in the vanishing root, "two whole year old sheep," "in the close relatives of Kadesh."

Your terrible sacrifice, the sacrifice of this public, empowers all of us, your parents, your children, your grandchildren, us friends, the entire congregation of the Jewish community, the Knesset of Israel bride, empowers us all and makes us friends, as you knew when you were among us to unite everyone in holiness The upper uniqueness. Your innocent immigrant as her shocking horror yes the power of the activities of her sacrifice us to increase our forces and strengthen us. We went from force to force, "Gd will see Zion."

"In the nearness of the sanctuary", the personalities of Israel and their prayers, fire from above and from the layman in the booklet, the beloved and pleasant in their lives and death did not part, in their mutual devotion to brides, in great and deep advice, capsule and long, the counsel of the righteous of the world. Since "and I will make you a great nation," since a covenant between the divisions, one great and mighty counsel, one straight line of mercy, of grace and kindness which according to the depth of the plan of the most hidden, more indirect and fulfilling ideal, one line leans upon us, through all complications and torments , Out of them and on their backs, to redeem us, to strengthen us and empower us.

In the Vitry cycle we commanded a terrible thing. A top partition is depicted around the throne of honor, and it sails in a description of those sitting in a seat of up to ten rows. And in the first row, in the presence of the face of God, sit first in the kingdom of the saints, the dead of the kingdom, which no creature can stand in their midst. And something of these high, lofty and vanishing points of light, in the sublimity of their sublime ideals, will impress all circles of worlds, and also our world, we wrapped in grief, here in the living lands of our national resurrection in our land, all of us, all the congregation of Israel, and strengthen strength and strength, heroism and faith Great for the continuation of the resurrection enterprise of our generations, the continuation of the path of your children, your grandchildren, of your dear parents, of all of us, the continuation of the path of the redeemed, the redemption of Israel in its ascending path. "Because D. chose Zion Iva for the moshav to which Yaakov chose Ye Yisrael for his virtue. For D. will not abandon his people and his inheritance will not leave, for the sake of his great name," Amen and Amen.



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