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We discovered Dina after her search for relatives at Beit Hatfutsot

Dina Horowitz was a relative of mine. I heard about her for the first time, when she came to my grandfather's house, Israel Ivri, in Bnei Brak, in search of relatives, after she had already repented and had not yet married.

How happy Grandpa was to meet her, and literally danced around the table with enthusiasm.

Since then, she has been in touch with my grandfather and my parents and visited our home in Jerusalem, both after her marriage to Eli, and after the birth of her children.

We participated in Ben Zvi's bar mitzvah, Batsheva wedding and other celebrations.

Dina is remembered to us as a woman whose face is always smiling, bright, and peaceful. Her speech was always quiet and calm.

We often heard her husband Eli when he gave instructive Torah sayings in family celebrations.

And then we heard about the terrible disaster ...

A huge hug from Batsheva, Zvi, Shulamit and Nehama

Orna Reef



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