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Every Tuesday, both Dina and I taught, at Efrata College we once rode a bus together and talked about the history of music and I talked about the history of art. It was interesting to hear and see how Dina delved into the subject. It was a profound experience.

Ester Azulay


Horowitz's house had a long long cord so you could walk around with the phone everywhere. The dinners were very interesting and special. I won one lesson before my wedding to study with Dina, a week before the murder. It was snowing, we were wearing slippers and Rabbi Eli suddenly came in and said to us' What are you sitting on, it's snowing outside. Get out. ' It was so natural and fun.

Gabriella Magni


Dina educated me for two years and in our farewell at the end of the two years, everyone got to say goodbye in a personal way, it's something rare that I never had anyone like that who educated me like that.

Dina dismantled a mobile from clay and for each of her students she wrote on clay four features that set her apart. It was amazing. Dina sat with each of the girls when she gave it to her and it is something of mine terribly engraved how Dina knew how to see each one of her uniqueness and her depths and see the good in each. It's something she's always taught us to "look at the good stuff there is." It was amazing!

A student of Dina


The memories float, the longings and tears flow from one side. And on the other hand what a privilege I had to study with Rabbi Eli and Dina. To meet eternal souls that just being mentioned brings a smile. Authenticity of holiness. No plays. So much love and humility, warmth and joy with this freshness of holiness and eternity.

Hani Amram


Every year when the lupines bloom

I think about them

Dalit Friedman


I will always remember Debbie's special smile, sweet voice and total spiritual generosity. Your father's sparkle in his eyes was the same as your grandfather's and Zeidi Dov's. They were so proud of you all.

Barbara (Robinson) Geller


We will not forget them. Beloved and dear friends. May their memory be blessed

Naomi Weil


No words time does not reduce the pain and I pray that we will be privileged to spread the late Orem and dear Batsheva doing it all the time

Judith Tire


Hiking in Nahal Tavor, mountains of lupines, and remembering Rabbi Eli and Dina Horowitz, in their last photo,

Rabbi Eli was my brother's rabbi.

Naomi Kahana

Photographed a few hours before the murder, Lupine Hill in the Ella Valley

I came to the seven blessings that Rabbi Eli and Dina made to Naama and Elisha Ezer. Your mother gave such a pleasant feeling, of such quiet acceptance. Feeling comfortable, even though I knew almost no one there.

Haya Lazarovich


I do not know how to explain ... but Dina's laughter in the corridors of the studio ... and the soft accent in worry every time I did not smile or look submerged / sad ..

Elite Heisler


I spent a lot of time at Rabbi Eli and Dina's house in the Sanhedria ... I slept there. I played there, I ate ... there were a lot of little things, but mostly the memories are a huge smile. Always happy and full of love!

Yesha (Zeini) Haimov


Oh R. Eli R. Eli. The longing and the memory are so alive! The delicacy and sharpness. Zionism and the stories he told in class ...

Yeruham Jerome Simsovich


Dina's noble smile is not from my memory, she was so noble and pure

Yonit Avikzer


I was recognized as a former Kiryat 4 resident. Rabbi Eli and Dina Horowitz Naomi Halichot.

Spread melodies around them.

Mostly I remember Dina's gentleness. A modest woman, a simple and sweet smile.

I have never met such people in my life

Miriam Yosef Gavso Levitt


Dina was an educator for three years of our parallel class.

Until now she remembers the gentle voice and the bright and timid smile.

And I do not remember the context but the song 'Like Hatzav' always reminds me of her.

Avital Preuss Granot


They came to visit us at the nursery in Dimona with a bright face and took an interest in us with such a pleasure that really warmed our hearts !! I was also at their house and they gave us a Hanukkah fee! The atmosphere in the house was so good !! It's engraved in my heart!

Bohdana light


I just remembered and told my children about the arrangement we made with you in Kiryat Arba. How special and different it was from anything I had known until then. Glad we won.

I would add to the girl in me, to the children in all of us, the chocolate cube that Eli handed out to anyone who asked a question during the seder.

Gili (Zoran) Anjuni


I always remember Dina when I play or sing, because we played and sang together. I also studied Torah lessons with her. And of course team members at the studio.

Dina was a lovely, warm, kind-hearted woman with the innocence of a girl, but great wisdom. Sensitive, never insulted or hurt anyone - a pure soul!

Carmela Ben Yosef


I met them that Friday morning at Lupine Hill. We talked and they said they were from the campus. So I did not know their name .. but I was very impressed by this date in such a beautiful place, on Friday, before the preparations for Shabbat. Sitting deep in the heart of this encounter.

Israel Skolnik


I have a picture in my head of Dina playing the piano (I do not remember a situation) and in general the accent that plays from the radiant face and the speech is relaxed.

Will cover the palm


Our teacher ... how simple and how good. And how much longing ...

Teacher Dina… The sound of bells, a smile on all faces, amazing simplicity, how much the bride, speaks to me at eye level, a sense of humor and polished wit, how much love I received from her, how much I would give for another conversation with her…

Yaroni Nagar


She was an amazing teacher. I was privileged to have educated me.

Natalie Samuel


There is not a day that I do not think about them, for me they will never stay with me and Debbie, our religious family who continues to come to us at the kibbutz at every opportunity with stubborn perseverance.

A wonderful, hospitable couple, full of love and a desire to connect and connect, near and far, who remember where they came from and know how to appreciate it.

I will not forget the Shabbat I was privileged to do with them at their home on the evening of Tu B'Av 5762, about six months before the terrible disaster. Their memory lives and resonates within me in a strong and present way, and will remain in me forever.

Hanan Weil


Quite a bit of me is Dina who was my great educator on the twelfth. The inclusion capacity of each. With great humility and composure. The connection to music. And the depth of study. miss you very much.

Adi Landau


What an amazing mother she was and what an amazing father. I have not yet forgiven the Creator of the world for this

Lia Davidovich Rabin


We loved Eli and Dina very much and we really hurt their murder. My cousin's husband killed one of the terrorists when he went out with the stand-by squad towards their house, but sadly when the stand-by squad broke into their apartment they were no longer alive.

I got to talk to Dina several times. The drawing they made in reality is still alive and well.


I was privileged to sit next to her and hold her hand, on her last day. Miss ...

Hani Lior


A woman who came to do good with the world and with the students and with a sincere love for them. I was so sorry even then that I did not win it as an educator. I remember her with longing and gratitude for getting to know her. Blessed in my heart.

Adina Bharav


I have so many memories of them and especially of mom that we were neighbors and friends. The joy of the pump house we celebrated together. They have concerts at home. Conversations with Dina about the children and pleasant and humble deliberations as well as a strong and smart backbone

Idealism and human love, subtle and delicate humor

Breaking the fast together on the eve of Yom Kippur, arguing with Eli about "Mount Moor". Occasionally surprising revelations about his youth

The combination of playfulness and seriousness in him.

I always remember being amazed and missing

Sarah Zalewski


A slideshow can be flipped to the sides


Childhood memories, especially from Kiryat Moshe. Huge piano, calm, soft speech in accent, good eyes full of human love.

Emuna son of Jacob


Remember a piano, a chair that opens and is full of notebooks, a house that feels at home in the moment.

Ruhama Ben Yosef


Remember them so much. Remember the nobility and humility that was in Dina. I remember the words she said to me when I was orphaned by my late mother: "I'm always here if you need anything ..."

Elanit Rabbani


Some longing for teacher Dina dear and most beautiful of all, without rhetoric. How sensitive and delicate she was. Every story lives and returns to the beautiful places, where I was privileged to huddle under her shadow and learn from her life theory, a little Torah and a lot of land and life leaderships and above all, human love, humility, smile and positivity despite all the crises.

Tamar Savitz


Rabbi Eli built our spiritual world in Shiur A in the captivity of Hebron. On Saturday, when we stayed with you, we are left with the amazing kiddush he performed and the warm atmosphere of both of them. A great loss to you and the generation.

Israel Zeira


I miss the glow of light that Debbie and Eli had

Aunt Lynn


I miss them very much, there is always something that reminds me of Debbie, my cousin. How much I miss her.



I knew the rabbi and Rebbetzin Eli and Dina Horowitz when I studied at the Shirat Hebron seminary, Class A.

The pure and innocent love between their sons was conspicuous. The peace and quiet they radiated from their bright smile.

I named my son Elnatan Chaim after the rabbi.

In their lives and deaths they did not part

Adva Singer


I studied with Dina for a master's degree at Leeds University. I was happy to see her abrasive and pleasant face at every meeting.

We had good relationships and she told me a lot about her wonderful family and the special relationships in the family. Details I do not remember so much anymore, but I will not forget her face. A unique woman.


Nira Kramer


Teacher Dina with the smile. This is the most characteristic thing of all. Like this picture that says everything without words.

Remember one song that taught us. I do not know why he stuck in my head ...

She taught me music in the division. And was also a neighbor for several years.

How the terrorist cut off the light. And yet when I look at the picture they look alive and happy to me.

Even after years it is impossible to believe that they are not.

Odia Tiram


Remember State, when we worked together, she is an educator and I am a counselor, and I had some difficulty in dealing with the students on some issue, in response she honestly shared with me about a personal difficulty she has with the issue we were talking about.

A true simple humanity with no pose and frankness.

Talia Geva


Oh! Dancing in class with chalk and drawing waves on the board and in the background a melody!

Lebanon glory glory


I was privileged to study with Dina only one memorable lesson. I can hear her voice as she taught the song "Take Your Son Your Only One You Loved." Of Naomi Shemer. I have not heard this song since but remember every note in it, and it plays in my head mixed with great sorrow when I heard about the disaster.



When I think of Dina, I honestly think of her kindness. Just pleasant. I do not remember what the situation was and why I ate a Shabbat meal with them, but I do remember the pleasantness I admired.


I well remember their family dinner, which was important to Eli and Dina. A real family time.

Shlomit Khabshush


When I sat down to play with Batsheva in the living room, playing / studying, Dina prepared food to sit in the kitchen and listened to Maccabi Tel Aviv's game and was happy with each of their baskets. I also remember the 14th birthday cake she made for us.

One of my fondest childhood memories is the fun of being with you and Dina's love and gentle smile for everyone.

Shifra Simmons


To enter the house of Rabbi Eli and Dina on Saturday night, when we returned from prayer in the Cave of the Patriarchs, and to smell the delicious challah of Shabbat. And the Kiddush of Rabbi Eli. Just an angel in Kiddush, as if flying.

The amazing eyes of Dina looking admiringly at her husband, really a special thing. Rabbi Eli's wit ...

When we would get to their house, we first sat down on the couches and looked at the pictures. I was at their house for many hours. The truth we felt at home. We just felt at home.


When I was pregnant, I had CMV. I was terribly scared. Due to stress I could not sleep at night. The only thing that helped me was to listen every night to a tape of Dina that prepared us for adulthood in music. The only thing that helped me relax.

When my daughter Ariel was born, I named her Aria in English, in memory of your mother, who helped me so much in my first pregnancy, and taught me to listen and enjoy all the music in the world. Even an opera ....

The nobility of your mother accompanies me

Nava Katz



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