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Debbie is shy, smiling and musical

I first met Debbie at the age of 17 at a Bnei Akiva seminary. All U.S. students who are in the twelfth grade have come. The seminar was for a month in the summer, teaching trainees training. Even slept in the same hut. I remember her as a shy and musical girl with such a big and beautiful smile that it is impossible to forget!

I met her again after 5 years. When Hillel and I got married and came down to earth, your grandmother Leah did a party that we will see the whole family. Of course I did not know anyone and then I saw her familiar and unforgettable smile and immediately felt at home with my new family.

There was a time when I tried to get pregnant and did not go. We had one girl and then I had an abortion. I will not forget that Debbie came to visit me. And comforted me. Told me that a first abortion is an experience. A little tired, get visitors. This is God's plan.

She had four abortions.

Both I greatly miss were at my age. Be friends with my friends. Aria and Tzipora Weiss. There are good memories and there is a big hole.

Simi Clears


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