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Debbie sat with us for a long time, recounting experiences, encouraging, laughing, and taking with h

So many times I think it's such a shame that our children did not know their uncles well enough.

The big ones won, but the small ones, what a big loss!

And their own grandchildren, who can and knows how to describe their multi-faceted and varied personality? The inner beauty that burst forth in precious light? The subtle pleasantness, the good, the great love, the joy of life, the faith, the resilience, the sense of humor, the idealism, the devotion ...

The huge Torah love of both of them, which was at the forefront of their minds.

You can tell a little here and there. Perhaps from all of them it will be possible to connect point to point, and line to line, to draw a hint of their character.

When David (Eli's brother) and I lived for a time in the Sanhedria, close to Eli and Debbie's house, we got to be with them a lot.

A very cheerful family. They were immersed in raising their children. Were so proud of them.

The adored seven-year-old with two cookies.

The sweet deer with a bright face, and an unusual grace,

And the funny consolation, who was two years old, and was a not-so-exemplary bear.

The beautiful Shulamit, was born later .....

Eli was the rabbi in Hyder of the Center. He had sweet stories about his students, and his challenges.

It was clear that he was investing a whole lot of thought into how to teach, and a lot of thought into each and every student. He took his job seriously as a multi-responsibility job. He seemed to have invested at least as much as delivering a lesson to the yeshiva boys.

He once sent David a thick binder with a key of topics in the Maharal's doctrine, which he edited. And in it the words of the Maharal are arranged according to definite topics. David was so impressed by the investment and the amazing and orderly news.

Debbie put me behind the scenes of the family. She told me all the secret information and history. Things that made me feel in "matters."

They were both so tactful and intelligent and knew how to communicate on an unprecedented level.

David is very cuddly about the conversations with Eli. So far he has not found a replacement. He initiated conversations with him, listened to the truth, the city and the enlightened, with wisdom and cleverness, with patience and light-heartedness.

At the end of every such conversation, David came out with a feeling that they understood him, loved and respected him, and made him very wise.

Debbie also had the skills of listening and understanding the human psyche. She had a special charm. Everyone who came in contact with her was fascinated.

The height, the beauty, the amazing doses of grace, the eyes that shine with enthusiasm ...

They had the ability to tell a Maggie story.

Eli had a number of stories whose purpose was to educate, to teach, to bring about understanding. And everything, spiced with its wonderful humor.

Debbie was the wizard of stories. She knew how to describe an everyday event in a way that fascinated the listeners, as if it were a suspense story. Her point of view has always been original.

The laughter of her bells and the light in her eyes swept them all away. Her humility was unique.

The name has graced her with many special gifts. Genius mental talents, musical understanding, artist with golden hands.

She built herself and went a long way, until she won the house of Torah.

And in spite of all this it was conducted in folklore and did not hold its own. And did not shy away from presenting her weaknesses.

I have precious gifts she made with her own hands.

She knitted a blanket in honor of the birth of Yitzhak Mordechai, our eldest son, made of three colors. Because she could not know the sex of the newborn ... and with him she attached a lovely clown, who knitted from those woolen threads.

On the bed in the nursery, there was a train of pillows, including locomotives, carriages, and wheels. It is all made of colored fabrics.

She was so creative!

Eli and Debbie went through a series of not-so-simple trials at all, in their short lives. Many medical challenges, apartment moves and occupations, and more priest and priestess.

With every wave they went through, gathered forces, and in common forces, and mutual support of a marvelous relationship, they overcame every obstacle.

After each fall, get up and overcome in an admirable way.

They used their attempts to encourage others from their experience, and to give them power.

After going through several abortions in a row, Debbie sat with us for a long time, recounting experiences, cheering, laughing, and taking with her a serious chunk of the pain.

They were the pride of grandparents, and the object of love and admiration of the whole family.

At every family event, they took responsibility, and led every move, in good taste, and with the right advice, in their huge embrace, they were able to give everyone strength.

The longings only get worse and worse.

They are so missing !!!

But we are so glad to see you, in the reflections of various qualities of your parents,

And your amazing kids, in general ...

We pray for redemption soon, and for the resurrection. And wish for a reunion of all the loved ones in the family ..

Very very much love,

Nehama Horowitz


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