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Dina burst into tears. Eli and the children understood the thrills of her soul

One Saturday night, Dina returned from Oneg Shabbat with her students. "I can not be an educator," she announced in frustration.

"What happened?" Contact her. He got used to steaming over tests she had to test and discipline she was unable to master, but today Saturday, what could have happened?

The children, who were smeared on the sofas, made room for the mother and joined in the worry. "I was in the studio, it was so pleasant and fun, we sang Shabbat songs together and my daughters sang happily. And I was so happy that they felt a partner. Then one of the teachers approached me and reminded me that it was my job to wake up girls who were inappropriate. But how? I ?m just unable to be in the policewoman position.

The teacher also pointed to one of my daughters and said I must send her back to the boarding school. Her dress has a neckline that is too deep, so wear a shirt underneath. I watched her, the same student. I knew how hard it was for her to find clothes that fit her body, how much she tried to look good and feel comfortable among her friends. I imagined her walking around the city among the clothing stores looking for an outfit in honor of this Saturday. I imagined her measuring, looking in the mirror - 'It's not me' she says to herself and lowers, and again. Then she found this beautiful black dress. At first she may not have wanted to measure, so as not to experience the disappointment again, but then she measured and felt the cloth spill over her body and do her good. I see her standing in front of the mirror in the store, and a small, thin smile rises to her lips - it's me, that's how I can love myself.

Dina burst into tears. Eli and the children understood her heart's content, and Eli handed her a tissue. "She did not see the cleavage when she looked in the mirror. She finally saw herself!" Sobbed,

"How? How am I expected to invade that sacred class where a woman meets her beauty? '

From 'And there is no more stalk'


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