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The monument left to me by Dina Horowitz in Givat HaZayit in Efrat

We met the couple Eli and Dina Horowitz when we wanted to set up our home in the Olive neighborhood in Efrat. The lottery for the field, summoned them to us as partners in the construction of our two-family home.

We met a pleasant couple. I still remember Dina's smiling face and the light on Eli's face.

We were partners with them in the journey of searching for the architect and beginning the design of the house. A journey with a thorough and meticulous couple, who examines and asks and is interested and learns.

Eli and Dina made it clear to us from the beginning that they would build the house with us in Efrat, but would not move into it. At least not in the coming years to come. They are committed to the community in Kiryat Arba, and will not leave it, certainly not during the intifada that just began when we had already moved into the house.

Shock struck us that Saturday night when we heard the bitter news. We did not believe. Also remembers the big funeral at home and garden. To me, the two-family house next to us is a kind of monument in their memory.

May their memory be blessed and in the building of Zion comforted.

Shlomit Bach


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