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Dina's creative way of developing a conversation about adolescents' attitudes toward their bodies

I had the privilege of studying with Dina in the classes she taught at a seminary in the Old City of Jerusalem

Dina taught about "educating adolescents and youth in their attitude and respect for their bodies and self-awareness.

Dina used such a creative example: she shared a picture that was an illustration of Norman Rockwell. The illustration shows a young girl looking at herself in the mirror.

From there, Dina drew her creative style of education to talk to all of us parents of ...

Over 100 women and more were there and it felt like Dina was talking personally to each one ..

Her beautiful and special smile ..

Dina invited me to sit with her after class. We sat in holy bagel, I was in heaven ...


To this day I remember the special spark in her and Dina's eyes.

Enjoy everything she taught.

Tamara Sheinman


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