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Eli's adaptation in Kibbutz Hulata

One bright day, many years ago, I penetrated into the family-collective being of my cousin that in my mind and memory is called "Elnatan". I remembered the name and the fact that it existed from Abe and Ruthie's wedding in New York. The only preparation my mother made for us, the children, was a short message that "Leah's son is joining us."

His joining was "obvious" and he seemed to be part of the Carmeli family since time immemorial. In some respects it stood out especially - in the love of cakes, in the love of flowers and nature, in the love of music, in laughter and in the sense of humor.

In fact, I remember him only in the family picture, in the small and cozy room we had, and not in the kibbutz picture.

One day Eli added a nice girl to the family with whom he had a friendship. This friendship, in our eyes, was beautiful and we were happy with it. As you know, at some point, Eli made a "conversion" (very successful) and introduced us to Debbie. Also in the above case, we were happy with the choice. It seems that Eli has a special talent to call girls we immediately love.

From then on Eli and Debbie were to Horowitz (and by the way, to this day people in her patient remember Eli as Eli Carmeli !!!),

A unique family cell, however, forever connected to Carmeli and part of it.

Ofra Weil

Slideshow of Eli from her period - you can scroll through the arrows on the photo


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