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Debbie's dealing with kosher food in her childhood home

I spent a summer with Debbie in Silver Spring, Maryland, in the summer before she and Ellie got engaged.

Since we could not eat her parents' food, from a kosher point of view we had to be familiar with kosher laws. We wanted to make a steak for that and ordered meat from a butcher who knew that his meat is strictly kosher, but ... we did not know that he does not prepare the meat unless you order it competently.

In the SD we found out before we cooked it. We went out to the store and bought some boxes of coarse salt, rolled up our sleeves and went to work. We poured one box and were in the middle to sprinkle it on the meat and then we hear behind us someone rolling with laughter ...

It was Debbie's father, he said, "you really do not know how to prepare meat, let's teach you, and it really was."

Toby (Horowitz) Neiman


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