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The kindness that Rabbi Eli did behind the scenes

A few months after I arrived at the Shavei Hebron yeshiva, I decided to marry Margalit.

During the wedding, while everyone was dancing, I realized that there was an unusual load of people coming to the wedding.

At a late point in time, the hall owner approached me and asked me what to do? Because there is not enough food and tables for everyone.

I looked at the wedding, was so happy. The Shavei Hebron yeshiva made me so happy that I said to the owner of the hall: 'Listen, food is not important to me. Put tables at the end, put some food and leave only our table, of the bride and groom and the immediate family. '

A few weeks after Rabbi Eli was assassinated, the story became clear to me. When I had a grooms talk with Rabbi Eli a few days before the wedding, during the conversation Rabbi Eli realized that due to such and other reasons my family is not going to come to the wedding. When I told him that then, I caught a "I'm planning something" smile.

Learners told me that Rabbi Eli went through a student and ordered everyone to come to the wedding. He simply ordered all the "captives of Hebron" to come to the wedding and an unforgettable number of students arrived, thanks to whom the wedding was one of the happiest events I have ever had. Of course this is my wedding, but "Shavei Hebron" certainly made her happy and it's all thanks to Rabbi Eli Horowitz

Until that meeting with Rabbi Eli, I did not know the rabbi very well, he sat in a corner and studied modestly, I did not know him very well. I got to know the yeshiva head better. I knew my rabbi, but I knew Rabbi Eli less, only his name.

And it turns out that thanks to him, this thing, the wedding made me so happy. So this is Rabbi Eli.

Avi Applebaum

Dear Rabbi Eli made us so happy at our wedding.

Only thanks to him we had a very very happy wedding !!!! And unlike what is expected in our situation ...

Margalit Applebaum


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