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We had a very deep connection, Rabbi Eli was really right-handed

Rabbi Eli was a yeshiva rabbi for about 19 years. From my second year here. He was a very great man really in terms of Torah study and especially in thought. He was really huge in thought.

In terms of his personality, he was very all-Israeli, very much part of all the life systems of the country. To the depth of understanding of things.

Rabbi Eli radiated a great deal of his spirit to the yeshiva, to the students. He was literally one of the mainstays of the yeshiva here in Hebron.

Both he and Dina. Dina was also a special woman. They were both very, very lazy, very gentle people. They both taught in many places in the country and they brought a lot of people together, some of whom actually lived in their homes, a lot of people really felt as if their parents had been murdered.

Rabbi Eli and Dina were people with a very special floor lesson.

Dina was a music teacher and besides teaching music, she also taught Torah at the Kiryat Arba studio, also at the girls' seminary in Kiryat Arba and wrote articles.

Her music was also special music. She was a very, very special personality.

We had a very deep connection, Rabbi Eli was really right-handed and over the years we had various conversations. He was a man with a very special look with a very stately and profound perception.

Rabbi Eli was a grooms guide and Dina was a brides guide, a map and other places.

Educationally Rabbi Eli knew how to convey messages in a very special way to young and old, he had a very special talent to convey deep and big messages in a very attractive and interesting way.

Before Purim he would give very long and very deep conversations about the matters of the people of Israel and the Torah and about our generation.

Rabbi Eli met for at least a year with leftists from Dor Shalem, and Rabbi Eli was a very important person there, even bringing them to Hebron once.

He had a very special approach to them and he knew how to speak to their hearts, bring them closer and convey things in depth.


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