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I would enter the house without knocking. A lot of people felt free to enter and were always in a g

Rabbi Eli and Dina's house had an opening from the lawn to the kitchen, because I felt so comfortable, I would enter the house without knocking. A lot of people felt free to enter and were always in a guest house.

Dina taught me piano, I would come once a week to study and I really enjoyed it. Later, in the studio she was my music teacher, she taught us to listen and recognize from hearing and she taught us concepts in music.

When I was in their house I always felt like playing the piano, there were a lot of notebooks with songs from the Land of Israel, it was not always appropriate because Rabbi Eli studied in the nearby classroom, but sometimes he had earplugs and then it was possible to play freely.

Rabbi Eli was a wise student and most of the time engaged in Torah, but he was also very talented in his hands and an artist. He worked in wood and built lovely things, like the library that was in the living room and a huge desk in the girls' room, he would also cultivate the garden, especially I remember the dahlia flower that he planted in front of the house and was really fun and beautiful to enter the house.

Rabbi Eli also loved to take pictures, when Shir the first granddaughter was born, he took her to the playground in front of the house and photographed her more and more.

A lot of the branch meetings were in their house, Nehama was active in the branch and she was always available and it was really nice to come and sit there, we would sit for hours on the couches. Between the sofas was a wooden box with pictures, mostly pictures of the grandchildren that Rabbi Eli had taken.

One of the qualities I really remember about a country is its ability to describe in great detail every detail, every experience, even the music she would describe in great detail and sometimes while describing she could cry with excitement.

I remember Dina describing in great detail a wedding dress from a wedding she was in. Her ability to describe in great detail and get excited about the description was part of her love of art. She pays attention to aesthetics and beauty in art and music.

I was a friend of Nehama and an instructor of Shulamit and a student of Dina for piano and studio.

Yesha (Amrani) Zoran

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