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Once, I had to be in France for medical reasons.

I went with my wife to visit an art gallery, and we took one of the children with us. There were ordinary paintings, realistic and mostly religious, with Christian motifs.

My son walked around this floor and came back to me with great wonder. "I do not understand," he said, "all the paintings here were made by respectable people, well-known cultural figures, but everything here is so low! All the Christian pictures of the baby with the mother - all naked pictures."

They are complicated. On the one hand - celibacy and holiness, and on the other - put in all the most horrible carnal impurity.

From the "Birth Book"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz

When I was in France for a mitzvah, I went to see a famous painting. It was a bit difficult to see the painting, because there are always thousands of tourists there who want to be photographed by it, but there was some moment I could look at it. And it's really an amazing thing, an amazing talent, wherever you go the eyes in the painting are looking at you. So is, in contrast, the scroll. The same scroll looks at us, out of its divinity, year after year, in the suit of all-Israeli times and situations, in what new longing, new observation.

From "This Purim Toll"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz



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