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In one of our meetings with Dor Shalem, a reporter from Yediot Ahronoth asked me why I come?

Rabbi Eli Horovitz

I previously participated in a series of meetings with the 'Dor Shalem' movement, it was in the period after Rabin's assassination and there were meetings of guys from the Tel Aviv yeshiva with 'Dor Shalem', a leftist organization like 'Shalom Now'. Our public is defamed and slandered. I do not appear in the media and I have good reasons for this, but I am in favor of bypassing media channels, because then there is a possibility of a natural flow.

At one of the meetings in Tel Aviv, a left-wing lawyer who participated, the son of Yossi Beilin, told me, "I have to tell my father about you, he doesn't know there are people like you in Hebron. A democrat, a true humanist.'

We talked about all kinds of things there. The first four meetings were in Kasach and ended in Kasach. Then the mowing ended and everyone became friends and there was a debate about what to do next? Usually it exhausts itself, but there was a decision to continue the meetings. It was decided that at each meeting, another party would give a lecture of one hour and then there would be a discussion of two or three hours.

In one of our meetings with Dor Shalem, a reporter from Yediot Ahronoth asked me why I come to the meetings. What do I get out of it? I replied to the reporter: "The question is, why are you asking?! Every Saturday I sit with my family, sometimes until the wee hours of the night, discussing, debating, the spirits are stormy. Why don't you write an article about it?! Because it's normal.'

This is how a family is - a loving, close-knit, real family. With freedom to think and express and shout, but without violence and without contempt. Sometimes a person says "You don't understand anything." You are superficial", but never derogatory words "You are a Nazi, evil or a terrorist", because there is respect and there is deep love and recognition that I mean for the good of the collective - the family, the city, the people and humanity.


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