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They were the first to take our girlfriends seriously, while everyone around treated it as a curiosi

I really liked Eli and Debbie. Uri and I had a special connection with them. They were the first to take our girlfriends seriously, while everyone around treated it as a curiosity because we were so young.

Debbie was my guide before the marriage, and I remember visiting you at home in Kiryat Moshe on those evenings we studied together.

Debbie once mentioned the connection between us in that we also got married in terms of the date (they got married on the 10th of Av, and we on the 11th, and we both gave birth to our eldest children on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz ).

I remember the Saturdays that Eli and Debbie came with the family to the house of Bernice, Debbie's mother, when she lived in Ma'ale Adumim. Eli and Debbie would come to us with the family to visit when we lived in Ma'ale Adumim and Mitzpe Nevo. And that we have reached them.

On a trip we took together on Independence Day, we shared our love for plants and heritage, and we also listened in anticipation to the results of the Hebrew song parade and were very happy that the song "Jerusalem of Gold" was chosen.

Eli had a real interest, not in language and pressure, in what I learned in language. He always asked me questions about linguistic phenomena and also about the Arabic I had learned. It really struck him, and he always responded enthusiastically.

One day, when we lived in the village of Pines, Eli and Debbie stayed with us, and we talked to them into the night about all sorts of things.

Even as we continued to grow and grow and grow Eli always said on the phone "Is this Uri? Stunning! Your voice has changed! '

Eli and Debbie are very much missed by us over the years, especially in the crises we went through with the children, and more than once we were very sorry that we could not consult with them. Miss them very much.

May their memory be blessed! 💕

Michal Horowitz


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