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The relaxation and togetherness with my sister Debbie that fills me with strength

I will always remember this day that Debbie, my little sister, came to visit. We did nothing important! We just sat for the day. In the past such a day would have stressed me out and been nobly condemned as a waste of time. But that day we were together and did nothing, there was everything.

We got up late, sat down, drank coffee, sat under a tree and talked, not remembering what. We drove downtown Washington to see Baby Lily at our cousins', then drove through the park to the one training restaurant we could find and then at home we saw a movie on our big home TV. We did nothing but behave as two couples going out together.

Our worlds were so far apart, and in the beginning the relationship between us was as far apart as a relationship could be; So, you ask, what was so special? Nothing, but the ease of togetherness!

Still, what was so special? I do not know, but I draw incredible power from the memory of that day.

a waste of time? No. A moment of unity and harmony. A moment that captures the essence I seek when I stare at people's faces.

A moment when everyone who can connect with us will feel better.

This day and the memories you can look back on and just feel good about.

A memory that allows me to renew my strengths and helps me just keep going with it.

I cherish thanks to Debbie for allowing us to share that day with her and be able to derive from it for the rest of our lives.

Stanley Wolf

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