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The endless Shabbat meals of the Horowitz family

Endless Shabbat meals, the Shabbat evening meal begins at six or seven (get Shabbat early in daylight saving time) and lasts until midnight.

Sitting, talking, discussing, telling stories, philosophizing on all the topics in the world, with every opinion and position received respectfully, and also receiving a response that includes diverse quotes and sources from across the religious and global spectrum.

Endless Shabbat meals in which many and varied guests sit around the table. The conversation around the table is also varied and ranges from weekly and current affairs, between delicate morals and philosophy to literature and history ... with personal reference to each of the diners - from large to small. And all in a pleasant and calm manner and with a wide smile on his lips.

The composition of the participants in the meals is a dynamic that begins with the composition of the family and the guests, at a certain point the children go to friends and return, or friends join, sometimes also students. In the conversation, everyone is involved, from the youngest to the youngest, from a house member to a guest.

They had the wisdom and nobility to deal with each child in a special way, and the main thing was to accept and respect them as they are and I seem to even expect them to pave their way alone on their own.

I was surprised to see in them that the children can do things and express different opinions of the parents and the reactions were different and relate to each event. There I learned what pluralism is.

I once visited their house on one of the "weekdays" when I was five or six. I had to return home from Kiryat Arba to the western Negev. Eli and Dina told me they were going to take advantage of the holiday for a trip in the direction anyway and invited me to join the family. As far back as I can remember, the trip began at the Hagai House, where I first heard the blessing "Sets a Widow's Boundary" and continued with a visit to a relative, an artist, not a religious one. My parents.

A journey of grace wrapped in the love of the land, the Torah, the people.

Shlomit (Ariel) Nahir


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