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Rabbi Eli's deep dive, along with his acting skills ... something out of this world

I studied with both of them.

Rabbi Eli taught us Torah. So. simply. But each lesson, we dived to a depth that I had no idea existed at all. He was an actor, using his voice, and facial expressions and every lesson was a show of learning about the Holy Torah. Something really out of this world.

To this day I open the source pages we received and I have no idea how to make a lesson out of it .. but he delivered fascinating lessons from there. We learned from him for four years.

A man of gentleness and determination.

A man of open thought and piety.

A wonderful combination.

And the combination further amazed me when I met Dina.

They were so "cocknits" so not "cocknicks" .. that is, completely fixed in Rabbi Kook's teaching, but the mind was so broad ...

We studied music with Dina and it was a wonderful experience. A gentle woman with a strong and stubborn foundation.

They both had a loving look in their eyes. Not just between them. Even when they talked about the words of Torah or music or anything else they were busy with .. a look that is not seen in everyone ..

I have a cliché to say, but people are not used to it. Leaving a lasting impression.

Rachel Aboukaret


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