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Rabbi Eli was able to enlighten the Torah and faith in a more real and penetrating light with pleasa

The first meeting with Rabbi Eli was very special for me. Rabbi Eli is one of the people who greatly influenced the course of my life. Rabbi Eli had an influence on the spiritual formation of a teaching staff in Talmud Torah in Elon Moreh.

His approach to faith was for me a deep and refreshing innovation, because until the meeting with him I treated things a little from the outside. A bit like the commandment of learned people. Or as a recitation.

It was he who returned (so to speak) from the outside in, in the same veins, he was able to infuse, or arouse, inner forces within us.

Thursdays - Fridays when he would come every week to Elon Moreh and stay there, we had a special spiritual pleasure.

Rabbi Eli and Dina had a special enlightenment.

Avraham Recanati


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