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Rabbi Eli and Dina help with the pairing

We are privileged that Rabbi Eli has joined us. I also studied with Rebbetzin Dina before the wedding.

Rebbetzin Dina was a woman full of softness, pleasantness, love.

Talked to me like a friend, told about herself openly, told about leaks, was so human. They had a common sense of humor.

R. Eli taught me at the seminary, he taught with sweetness and connection to every word he says.

Height of worldview, along with lots of stories from life.

R. Eli came to our wedding even though he had a fever. He was a witness and in the process, made a lot of jokes.

At the canopy, when Noam took out the ring, R. Eli said, 'I'm not sure it's worth a penny.

At home, every third meal they learned to keep their tongues. We too have adopted the custom.

The Purim meal at R. Eli and Dina's house was a special new experience for Noam, suddenly treating Purim as a high holiday.

Today we also have a Purim meal in our house with boys, Noam says that "Purim is Mr. Eli."

We met with them the health of life, along with spiritual height and open-mindedness.

We miss R. Eli and Dina very much.

We named our son Nathaniel after R. Eli-Elnatan.

Emona Katz


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