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Rabbi Eli tells of a sick visit he made with his five-year-old students

When I was teaching five-year-olds, there was a boy who was missing three days and I asked the kids where he was and no one knew, I asked them "Aren't you interested? He hasn't been for three days!"

At the end of the morning prayer, we all went to visit the sick child in his house. It was Simcha and Sasson, the children their age do not yet know what it is like to visit patients, when we arrived, the mother of the sick child was very excited and immediately took out candies and games and the children fiddled with candies and games and did not treat the patient at all.

I sat down next to him, talked to him and told him what we were learning, I was interested in how he was doing (he was not sick at all, I think ..)

And the kids saw me and saw what it was like to visit a patient, they saw how happy the kid was on our visit and he showed me how he painted in a coloring book he got.

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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