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We knew from the moment you were born that we were given a gift, a special child. Dina was also a wo

Rabbi Moshe Eliyahu Horowitz

The father of Rabbi Eli the 14th

Eli and Dina I'm not lazy to eulogize! I do not refuse, but hard, hard, I can not.

Eli and Dina, when I talked to you Eli minutes before lighting candles who prayed, who prayed, we finished and finished a book.

"And these are the names of the children of Israel" - the special names in Israel, who prayed when I sat down to write how many lines the heart hurts, the heart cries, the tears flow and blur the scripture the heart shouts at me, at me, why? Why? Why?

The heart hears: In the near future I will close in close relatives - and blood! But Aaron has the power to sleep, I do not have the power. How to eulogize a son and a daughter so so beloved, so pleasant. We know D. gave D. a lesson, we know that you were to me a gift from God, from God. Do not give.

Fifty-one years ago you were born in our holy land in the village of Rabbi Hadera, we knew from the moment you were born that we were given a gift, a special child, a child blessed with talents in all areas, with emotion. We knew and knew the gift, and after sixteen years of exile you returned to our country. Many things and all with honors and all with your great great talents, and you returned after sixteen years and by the grace of God you were born again, and slowly entered the world of Torah, the world of commandments into the world of thought and faith.

The great teacher Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook introduced you, he knew you with your talents, he introduced you privately, you told me how you went through every book in Genesis, there was no question and there was no doubt that you did not work on it and did not answer it. Slowly you enter the world of Torah and Mitzvot until the day you die.

And D. Natan - Dina was also a wonderful gift, Dina was born in the USA and is also blessed with talent, great and deep inclination for music, singing, also talented in all fields, swimming against the current who always aspired to faith and Torah, and the Supreme Providence brought her to our home in Jerusalem.

She started studying Torah in college and a bond was formed between her and me and they became one and established a glorious family. One of the salient things that characterized them both is the love, not only for each other and not only for the sons and not only for their parents but love on a much larger scale, on an incredible scale, love of God, love of land, love of Torah, love of commandments and immense love for each and every one of us In it they found nothing bad.

I could not convince them that there is sometimes malice, no, did not accept it, said that can talk talk and always find the good and positive point and which can bring everyone to faith. And they were right. They were right. Boundless love, without restraint.

The loss is surely ours certainly of the boys, a loss to all our people and also a loss to the love of the land, so loved every regev and regev of the land, I remember Dina took me just to see the scenery and beauty of the Judean mountains. I remember bringing guests and she brought them to Hebron to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood and told them the whole story, and the guests were so impressed by the warmth, by her love.

To me your devotion and your love for all the students (oh to me) your devotion to your teaching and love for your sons, is over and done with and these are the special names of Israel in Israel, let go and be over a whole book a book of the people of Israel.

And you children, Batsheva, Zvi, Nehama, Shulamit, you have won a special father and mother, a house of Torah, a house of mitzvos, a house of love and warmth, a house of so many values, complete and complete. Were here for one hour for one small hour but bought their world in one hour. How can we comfort you orphans from father and mother at once, how can I and mother and siblings and sister, how can we comfort you? In just one thing, you have won a unique home. Not many in Israel receive such a home, and you must take solace in their great deeds. And you must take upon yourself to walk in their way, in the true way of the Torah of the thought of giving of graces, the true way.

Vali and Dina what can I ask of you, first of all forgive us if we caused you sorrow, you are the righteous not us, and we pray and ask that you as you were in your pleasant and beautiful life of honesty advocates, always honesty advocates, so we pray and ask you to be honesty advocates for us, for The family, for the sons, for the grooms, for the little grandparents, and advocates of integrity for all this people. There is nothing like you to be honest advocates to get us out of our situation. And you will go your own way, I am sure that in your life you will be welcomed upstairs, with open arms and pleasant hands.



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