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Every word in Kiddush was said with great intent and slowly ... in immense poverty ....

When I think of the Horowitz family home, I feel like it was a bit of my home as well .... I always felt comfortable coming. Much to the credit of the good feeling given to me by my dear Shulamit and of course my beloved parents, whose I miss so much.

The house has always been neat and cozy. The piano with pictures of a song on it. Sofas that are fun to relax on. With a large painting on the wall, a special painting of her sick uncle.

Shulamit and Nehama's room was a large room, beautiful curtains made by my mother, hung in pastel colors.

There was always another bed that opened in it to accommodate casual friends .... like me ....

I was at Shulamit's many Saturdays. And I remember most of all the kiddush that Rabbi Eli would do ... it was a kiddush that I have never seen before .... every word was said with great intention and slowly ... with great poverty ....

Rebbetzin Dina would have loved the hard end of the challah. Rabbi Eli loved a vegetable salad he made and I loved it so much .... chopped small with lots of vegetables.

When I was growing up and was on the eve of my wedding, I asked to come to a meeting with Dina. Neat bridal guidance was not possible because Zvi had just gotten married shortly before, so I only got to one meeting.

My meeting with Dina was very, very significant. Near the wedding it became clear to me to my surprise that because of a certain interest we would have a halakhic problem at the wedding. Dina made every effort to show me the benefits of this and what to do next.

The day after the meeting with Dina, I received a phone call from Rabbi Eli who was with Dina in the car and together they continued to strengthen me and even make me laugh. It was so important to them to accompany me and not fall into the wind.

I was privileged that Rabbi Eli blessed my canopy ....

And just so you know they were so right ..... I was privileged to see salvations and blessings thanks to this complex reality.

I miss them so much. Sure they are most proud of each of you! You won because you have them.

And my beloved Shulamit - you were loved so much !!! And you have rare powers alongside soft heat, playfulness, wisdom and creativity !!! Thank you for making me a warm home! Love you so much!!!

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