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When Eli threw apples

When Eli was about 11 years old he traveled with us to Manitowac to visit our grandparents Zaidi and Bobby.

Elliott and Ellie, cousins, loved to walk to the abandoned house next to Zaidi's house.

One day they played throwing apples and shooting squirrels. They did not notice (or did not care) that every time they threw an apple at the squirrels the apple gave a knock to the house of an old (and antisemitic) Shechinah.

After a while the children saw a police car stopping in front of Zaidi's house. I, as an annoying little girl, was sent by Elliott and Ellie to Zaidi's house to say they were playing somewhere else.

Meanwhile Eli and Elliott fled and Zaidi had to appease the cops.

After a while the kids came back and after rinsing from Zaidi and my dad, Elliott and Ellie went to the neighbor and apologized.




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