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When Eli and Dina provoked the Absorption Center in Mevaseret and Eli studied at the "March" K

We met Rabbi Eli and Dina in Mevaseret, where we lived on behalf of the "March" Kollel

The kollel found a housing solution for some of the students in an agreement with the agency when the absorption center was relatively empty of a lack of it and we undertook to help the immigrants staying at the center.

We were about nine families: Horowitz, Zini, Rabbi Recanati, Rabbi Ben Yishai, Shalom Vach, Fleheimer, Dreilich (who lived opposite Horowitz) and the Shalom family who today asked for more.

The owners studied at the kollel and in the evening tried to give lessons. The women would help the newcomers during the day.

Sometimes I would return with Rabbi Eli Zatzel from the kollel on foot for at least a quarter of an hour and so we would exchange ideas.

Rabbi Eli did not study half a day of halakhah and half a day of Gemara like us, but in the morning he had his own study order, probably in the Gemara, and only in the afternoon was he a major and prominent participant in Rabbi Ben Yaakov Shlita's lessons.

In the third year we moved to Telz Stone, which was a neighborhood at the beginning. In that year, the murderer Mordechai Gifter Zetzel lived there with about sixty 18-year-old students, all from America. Modern ultra-Orthodox who passed us by in a wonderful way.

On the eve of Independence Day, Rabbi Eli and Dina hung a flag on the living room window that tends to the main road and drove to Jerusalem. And the representatives of the neighborhood came to demand that we remove the flag that is against their method and we went to clarify the algae of Rabbi Gifter in the case. Later we taught together at the Ora Institute and lived with relatives in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Yosef Zini


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