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Can't go even one day without Eli

A great educator Dina who was ahead of her time was with a broad vision and not narrow-minded. She knew how to combine the world of Torah with the world of "vanity".

One of the things that really engraves in me is the combination of an education lesson in spice faith along with Simon and Garfinkel.

A teacher I unfortunately learned to appreciate only after I finished twelfth grade.

Teacher Dina has certainly accompanied and accompanied me to many stations in my life.

Another thing I remember once was Rabbi Elnatan flying abroad on behalf of the yeshiva, and from a ticklish and sharp teacher she was kind of confused and missing and when the girls in the class asked her about it she said: that she could not go even one more day without her husband.

It was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about the horrific murder in their lives and their deaths did not part.


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