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Why bother "breaking your teeth" to understand a foreign language, if you can get it all in Hebrew

We are very much influenced by Western culture. For example, if we pay attention, most of the Hebrew songs today are not songs of the "Beautiful Land of Israel" such as: "Gevatron", the late Naomi Shemer and the like, but songs whose content and rhythm are very similar to foreign songs.

This is one of the reasons why we hear a lot of Israeli music today, because if we have reached such a level that through Israeli songs you can absorb the slime found in foreign music, why try to "break your teeth" to understand foreign, if you can get it all in Hebrew ?!

Music and literature belong to the ornaments of life, even in which the person should check what he hears, and in what dose.

There may be a situation where a guy goes to study in a yeshiva, and most of his life is ostensibly Torah study, but when he wants to relax a bit, when he really wants to feel good and relaxed he turns on the radio and listens to songs or reads a good book by Amos Oz, or any other lean post-modern writing.

These ornaments of life managed to shift the center of gravity of his life from the Torah and other sacred values, to the ornaments of life and their pleasures. For this, war, the culture war, a total and absolute war are abandoned.

From "Cultural War"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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