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What is the secret of Eli and Debbie's charm?

Eli and Debbie always accompanied us with understanding eyes. As a brother and sister-in-law, we consulted with them on matters of education and laid before them fateful decisions. And we always came to the same conclusion, which Eli put it well: "You really have a problem, and this time it is indeed considered ... In fact, you can find the answer for yourself" ...

And yet we never went out empty-handed. And we always came back to them for more. To receive from them the listening, the warmth, the openness and the humor on the one hand, and on the other hand, an uncompromising adherence to the ideal ...

If who else can we delve deeper into a Torah idea and also analyze a good movie or story ...

With Eli and Debbie it was possible to both talk and pray.

Esther Horowitz

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