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What characterizes the people of Israel?

I have previously participated in a series of meetings with the Dor Shalem movement. The people sitting there were unable to hear the words 'with virtue'. And yet, in one of the discussions, this matter of a people of virtue was mentioned, and at the end of the evening one of the people stood up and declared - "I do believe that Israel is a people of virtue, and I also believe that the French are a people of virtue and the English are a people of virtue - every people and its virtue."

I asked him - what does he think the Israeli virtue is? And he replied, "The people of Israel are unique in that they are the only people who have no virtue, they are unique in that there is nothing that sets them apart. The Israeli nation is transparent, much like the euro - a single currency that can be used throughout Europe, without any unique characteristic of a particular people. "

When he finished, I replied that Rabbi Kook was saying something similar. There are peoples whose virtue is the virtue of the intellect, there are peoples whose virtue is the virtue of morality and what is the virtue of Israel? Here is a completely different virtue. It is not a particular private virtue but the virtue for which the whole world was created, it is the taste of life to illuminate the content, the good and the divine animals in all creatures of creation, in rules and details. This animal is hidden in the Torah and its commandments, and this is the best gift that Israel has distinguished itself.

This is the main point.

From the "Birth Book"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz

Every nation has its own characteristic mental characteristics. The holiness in Israel is not a potential that is revealed in individuals, but is permanent in it.

From "The Beasts"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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