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Anyone who survived the entire long lesson leading up to R. Eli's holidays felt that he had been for

R. Eli (that's what we called him in "Shavei Hebron") R. Eli's voice is so missing that he will explain that he will focus and on the way he will sting with a hidden smile.

R. Eli is lessons for the holidays that whoever survived the whole long lesson felt that he had been formed into an elite cruiser.

R. Eli is the deep and sweet lessons on Shabbat at noon, during the hours when most of the people of Israel have a good Shabbat sleep, we dived with R. Eli for fathers and mothers, we went out with the people of Israel from Egypt and with Balaam we came to curse and came out blessing.

One point was etched in my mind from all these lessons: R. Eli once told of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda that he described the virtues of our ancestor Abraham, you felt that he was describing himself. Later, when we heard from Mr. Eli, there is no end to the deep connection between our father Abraham and our mother Sarah. I felt that he was actually describing the connection between him and Rebbetzin Dina (who unfortunately did not know enough).

When we heard that they both ascended in the heavenly storm I thought to myself unfortunately there is no more suitable than this. And wonder was in my eyes ...

Longing for a sweet smile, for depth lessons, that carry you to lofty heights

In the building of Jerusalem you will be comforted and comforted

Your Klaine


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