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With that huge smile he looks at Dina and says to her "If you want to kill me, there are other metho

We are the product of a matchmaking of Rabbi Eli and Dina Horowitz, and we have two children in BH named after both of them.

One Saturday evening we prayed at the Nir Yeshiva in the Kirya and when we returned from prayer everyone was home, except for Mitzvi (I prayed in the cave. Zvi) and Rabbi Eli, with a smile and patience, said that they were waiting. Even though everyone was starting to grumble, we waited for about 40 minutes calmly and peacefully, and I was not the only guest there.

But from the angle I saw Rabbi Eli, the smile and the rest of the spirit, taking everything with a smile, has remained in my head over the years.

To hear the inspiration for this in the voice of Rabbi Eli

On Fridays I would study fellowship with Rabbi Eli at his home, we learned the rabbi's letters on the subject of relatives far from love. I remember a situation where Rabbi Eli sat down on the chair and immediately jumped up and with a big smile,

(It should be said about Rabbi Eli's smile that he is a living smile, a real smile. You feel his joy inside the smile. You can see it in the pictures)

Rabbi Eli, with this huge smile, looks at Dina and tells her 'If you want to kill me, there are other methods, not with tacks on the chair. I was impressed by how things turned out and didn't grumble.

Rabbi Eli and Dina's house was a house full of grace, welcoming guests at the highest levels. I look at how much we walked around there, me and later also Yael, also seven blessings we did there, and Rosh Hashanah and holidays and Itamar who became part of the children. We took this very much into our lives, from this home that would accommodate guests on any scale. I feel it fundamentally in our lives whether it is to adopt children, etc., it's all from the spirit of Rabbi Eli and Rebbetzin Dina.

We are very much missing Rabbi Eli in various situations that cannot be consulted

We were privileged to receive from them and take it forward.

May we be privileged to be like them and to love everyone without the condition of anything.

Danny Kraus


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