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Get up and walk in the land

It is not merely a physical walk, but a conduct that is entirely according to the spirit of Abraham, according to the moral spirit and inclination of his good.

This is what underlies the need to establish an Israeli kingdom. The power of the Israeli nation must stem from the same natural tendency, the same ultimate aspiration, the same D requirement: of Abraham that structured is the object of correcting the world and exalting humanity.

In order to realize this ideal aspiration, an Israeli kingdom is needed. Sages teach us in our words that we can not conquer the land only when we understand that we are not a people of all nations, and that our nationality is not an ordinary nationalism but a sublime nationality whose whole purpose and tendency is to carry out and fulfill the Abrahamic good inclination. Of a real people in reality.

From "Tzur Hatzvam"

Rabbi Eli Horowitz


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