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She dances in the living room to the sounds of the melody and then describes the melody in picturesq

Throughout my childhood, ever since I was five, Dina has taught me piano.

I loved coming home, I loved the smell, the potted plants that climb all over the house. Her playing voice. The smile, the soft face.

When Dina wanted to introduce me to a piece I would study, she would tape the tape and dance in the living room to the tune.

Then Dina would sit down and describe to me in picturesque words the defender. The flowing streams. The buds that emerge from the soil and the flowers that bloom in every corner. The sky and the stormy sea, the birds and the high mountains. And everything is so alive and breathing as she tells, with shining eyes and a little dreamy.

One day when I arrived for class, Dina was upset and excited about a family trip she and her family had made to Jordan. Dina described to me in great detail the trip, as if I were a good friend, and I was all eight years old. Then Dina taught me to play the song "The Red Rock" and "Go Sit After You."

Dina loved the country so much. All the while she lit my eyes to the credit that I was born here. As I walked after her, following her landscapes and paths, Dina enlightened everyone's heart to fall in love with her every morning anew.

To this day when I hear, or play, this song, Dina's face and shining eyes and the excited heart come straight to me.

Naomi (Buenish) Bar Meir


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