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R. Elnatan and Dina, who are loved and innocent in their lives and deaths, did not separate

Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen

Rabbi of the city of Haifa

The crown of our head fell. Woe to us because we have sinned. R. Elnatan and Dina, the beloved and innocent in their lives and deaths, did not part, Mansher Kalo and Aryans prevailed to do the will of their heavenly Father, with devotion to the Torah of Israel, the people of Israel and the Land of Israel.

On a coin minted by sages with blessings "and the people of Israel and their prayer in love you will receive willingly, and may the will always be the work of Israel with you", ..

In honor of the holiness of Avi Mori Rabbi Hanazir ztl. Sublime from our understanding to understand the ways of Gd. We all know that these right and pure souls who fell to David by murderers, who engaged in devotion in spreading Torah in the holy city of Hebron, in Kiryat Arba, wherever they were, will surely be accepted willingly and lovingly by Gd and they will teach justice to all their family, all their disciples and all The Holy Congregation of our brethren in Hebron may Gd deliver them and bring them out of trouble. And for all the house of Israel who give their lives in love for the sanctity of the Land of Israel. It is enough for us in these sacrifices, in these costs of innocence.

We can not stand here and properly appreciate the greatness of Rabbi Elnatan's Torah and piety, the greatness of the righteousness and chassidism of his Rebbetzin Mrs. Dina. They kept the vigil of Gd and brought many back to the ways of Torah and worship of Gd, and beat Torah literally and engaged in building the Land of Israel and building families in Israel, bringing peace between a man and his friend and between a man and his wife between Israel and their heavenly Father.

May their sacrifice, thanks to their holy work, ascend to their will before the Lord of all, and say to our troubles this month is a month of Adar in which there is much joy, Arise with you in the case of a criminal trial, this is the property of the servants of God and your righteousness is from me.

And you will go in peace and rest and stand for your destiny to the resurrection of the dead at the end of days soon in our day and be said Amen.




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