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A letter from Dina to her students who went to Poland to study the Holocaust

A personal letter from me, who often thinks of you, ahead of Shabbat Parashat "Yishuv" in a considerable land

It is difficult for me to imagine what you are going through there and I do not hatch in your schedule, but in my mind's eye I imagine your figure marching against the already familiar landscapes of memorial stones, past barracks and barbed wire fences of the camps, in front of the antique and carved wooden doors of neglected synagogues etc. ' and so'.

All this with a mental eye, but with my real eyes, I am currently looking out the window at our landscape of Palestine, towards the Holy City of Hebron. A cold day today, foggy and rainy (I know the name "cold" takes on a different meaning!). No one lingers outside.

And in the house the smell of Shabbat cooking. Apply in the oven, the cholent is bubbling, the kitchen is steamed and from the shower the sounds of running water and every child comes out red and shiny ... and the longing for you is ...

Come home already!

We are waiting for you and so looking forward to seeing you!

The Land of Israel also misses and is waiting for your return!

I am enclosing a paragraph of Rabbi Kook from his book "Orot" (Orot Eretz Yisrael paragraph 6), read it carefully (do not be lazy!) And be filled with the recognition that as much as you are soaked in the love of the people and the land - that you deepen this consciousness through this journey You left the Land of Life to wander to a considerable land, but you brought the Land of Israel with you to testify and remember the millions - a living part of our living body who perished there.

Take comfort!


Come back!

Tell us!

Shabbat Shalom and blessings to you,

Who loves and misses


post Scriptum. Banal news ... Yesterday I spent all night with my husband in the emergency room - unpleasant. He's fine, God willing.

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