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Batsheva looks like she swallowed a watermelon. We keep our composure, as far as this terminology ca

To Ari and Esther Shalom,

As you can guess I am writing in the sukkah on the Sabbath (the letter is handwritten as a change / diagonally). I have no doubt if it is possible to write non-Torah in a timely manner, but I argued that it is really, really a "lost thing" - as soon as the holiday is over and I return to work - "Change" I will write - because if not now when?

In general, it seems to me that before you receive this letter, we will already talk to you on the phone and inform you of the news that you are Great Uncle. The impending birth brings with it all sorts of different and strange transitions. Yesterday, for example, a friend of Batsheva came to visit her (they are with us for a few days during the holiday) and brought her niece with her. The mother of that friend is a very good friend of mine. Sufiya, Batsheva's girlfriend, pointed to me and explained to the little one that "Dina is a good friend of Grandma" !!! This!! I'm in the Grandmothers' League - but hearing this honorary title - I was really appalled - Grandma's girlfriend and soon Grandma herself !! Where did we get to ?!

Batsheva looks like she swallowed a watermelon and hardly the same, she is already at the end of the ninth month (the estimated date is in 5-6 days) so we are really jumping from all her peeps ....

We meanwhile keep calm (as far as this terminology can be attributed to me) and wait and .. dream. I literally find myself staring into the air, immersed deep in my good imagination - like some girl in love - on graphs and titles and carts and crying like a cat howling, and when I actually set sail, I plan the food for the alliance - fish? Or should I have meat? And what will I wear? And where will it be? (Just not my husband !!) And hello male? And if it's a girl at all?

I especially like to imagine the peace of mind on my grandfather (Rabbi Moshe Horowitz) who will receive the first Lenin (s).

Esther! We just checked mail and I received a letter from you - what fun to read about all your experiences (meanwhile the Sadam family arrived and I remembered longingly for your "unemployment" situation - no shopping, no planning, cooking, washing dishes, etc. On Sukkot such help really sounds like a rescue - another taste To the concept of "holiday."

We read with delight the letters of Nofat, Tzof, Deuel and Hanani - and not only us, but also all of Shulamit and Nehama's friends. Tomorrow we have arranged with grandparents (who are supposed to arrive) to bring all your letters and tape and we will become "hinga", there are no words to describe the joy you bring to grandparents with your correspondence. With what eagerness they read each description, and with what pleasure and contentment they pass on.

From all of these, and from the conversation we had with you on New Year's Eve, I try to create a picture with some known parameters of your life picture, and especially interesting is the encounter between the apostles from the Land of Israel and the Jewish reality in South Africa. I know it's too early for an overall and exhaustive impression, but on the other hand, the first levels are quite decisive (so they say).

On Rosh Hashanah we had two guests for dinner - one from South Africa (she met you in the City of David) and the other from Australia. The main confrontation was initially with their accent and the deciphered decipherment of each and every one !! And refrain from laughing, but then a picture quite similar to the harsh reality you described emerged. Violence, uncertainty, as well as spiritual shallowness and abysmal deprivation in everything related to Judaism, and on the other hand, exemplary virtues and kindness and lots of openness.

We are holding your fingers and are very interested in hearing from your experiences with the youth. I was just called by the deputy director of the studio and I remembered how different the Israeli youth are from what you meet there, and the educational consequences are so many.

I do not have the strength to enter the security situation and everything that happens in the country, but it is very bad. All the killers are being released and these days parts of the country are being handed over to Palestinian rule. The unbelievable is happening. Within a few weeks, all the cities of Judea and Samaria (Qalqilya, Tulkarm, Nablus, Bethlehem, Ramallah and even Hebron) will be emptied of the IDF, as well as entire rural areas.

The Jews are supposed to travel on bypass roads (most of which have not yet been paved) and in all those places "inevitable friction" has surrendered and given up any advantage, so that our future in Hebron is shrouded in mist. fear!

As I write, I feel disconnected, because I'm tired of even being scared. So .. keep going!

Zvi is just fine and happy (no, no exaggeration, but he survives and even more than that). He returns from the army each time with fascinating stories. For example, they brought before him a detainee suspected of throwing stones, who of course vehemently denied any connection and pathos and told a long and pitiful story about sick parents who had been abused by soldiers, and so on. Zvi (margarine) did not believe him, but still smelled a little. A few hours later, Zvi went out to see a "look" that covered the riots in Hebron and who is starring there in his head? The detainee! Throwing blocks! And rocks!

Nehama is also fine, every day she wonders what she's doing in life and how she can still help the "situation" and if I get a smile - no sorry - half a smile, then immediately comes out of her a shower in the style Resolute. Not a drop! "[That's a bit true ...]" Why are you not like ... like Anat Cohen! "[Anat Cohen is the only" man "in Hebron and manages all the lively affairs there, even in relation to soldiers, policemen and Arabs]. But overall she is growing up and this year she is very very happy with the studio and active in everything.

And Shulamit, as usual, is calm and calm, disturbed by very little and relaxed. She was very happy to hear a buoy and immediately answered her. It is disappointing to know that a letter takes almost a month to reach us - is this also the case in the opposite direction? Do you have an e-mail on your computer? Because it is possible to communicate via a computer within seconds for the price of a local phone call via e-mail. Find out.

I end here because there is a cornerstone laying ceremony at the studio that I need to demonstrate attendance.

All the best,

a lot of love,



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