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Am I crazy? Is raising a family in our home in Kiryat Arba crazy?

To Ofra Shalom, (cousin of Eli from Kibbutz Hulata)

I find myself now sitting in green grass, under a shade (sun-dotted) of an oak tree (I think), overlooking all of Jerusalem and its slopes and in front of the rough gate of the Knesset (looks like Chinese letters).

Yes, I also came to the demonstration of the settlements in the Rose Garden. Sitting away from everyone and writing to you.

I've been shopping for Amos Oz's books lately. I recently read "Black Box" which is made up entirely of letters, maybe that's what inspired me? Anyway, I have a need now to break away from all the hustle and bustle here and the slogans and chants that convince the convinced, and make some sort of account before you.

As a private person - and I as a private person all mother and wife - am I crazy? Is raising a family in our home in Kiryat Arba crazy?

Am I endangering my family? That is (in the style of communication), am I willing to sacrifice what is most precious to me for the sake of my ideals?

Are we really a different platform? A thousand times I ask myself these questions. Where is the gap? Where is the contradiction?

And if you think of the "dangerous" way, I will answer: the road is sometimes unpleasant, stones is a frightening moment, a nuisance, something that is definitely addressed and protected from, but I would not really call a situation that sometimes (especially at night) stones are thrown at us, as dangerous.

With all the "outpouring" of the past, I would not for a second agree to put one hair in front of one of my children in danger - as a mother, how is it possible at all? (And another cowardly and soft-spoken person like me ?!)

Except what, if it rains flood and the road is smooth, drive slowly, turn and straighten and set aside when needed.

If stones are thrown, installed protected windows, travel with weapons, travel slowly, set aside and call for help if necessary.

Be careful and live - just like everyone else. It seems so to me.

When going to the sea take a lifebuoy, swim near the lifeguard, only with a white flag, and only those who know how to swim, and the rest under constant supervision. Do not avoid swimming, it seems to me.

And so we conduct our lives, with discretion and caution that does not relieve us of the thirst to live life in all its fullness, in every full sense of the word.

All this on a private (non-national) level, but for some reason it was important for me to describe, because when I (not you!) Are thrown at me sentences like "You live in a dream and hallucination, detached from reality and vision: that you endanger your family for your faith", where? in what? I am?!

I actually feel pretty normal (usually) and sane.

Complicated and more corny to explain myself / ourselves the people ...

Dina Horowitz


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