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And always plant love between us and bless my husband who will succeed in learning a lot of Torah

A prayer of Dina she carried with her in her purse

May the will of Gd and the God of my fathers be before you that you will always guard and guard and guard my husband from all harm and from all evil and from all sickness and give him a long life, a life of wealth and honor.

And give us a seed of sustainability and decent and righteous sons

And will always plant between us love and brotherhood, peace and evil. And establish my love in the heart of my husband, that he may not think of any woman in another world, and plant in our hearts your love and your fear to do your will and serve you with a whole heart and with respect for heaven.

And bless my husband who will succeed in learning a lot of Torah, Torah for its own sake, for all its professions, and in particular the redeeming Torah, and to ascend the steps of Torah from force to force, to be clinging to your fear, and to succeed in teaching holy flocks and sanctify the name of heaven in every sense

And bless my husband with a whole blessing as it is said [Safes of seven attracts my husband]

Bless you - draw a blessing on him


And will be preserved - attracts guard over him

Yar Hashem faces him - enlightening his face on him from Gd

And he will educate - he will always be liked

Gd will lift up His face to you - Gd forgave him

And he will bring you peace - the main thing that will plant peace in him - peace of mind

And it is said: God has kept him and his life and happiness in the land. Amen and let there be a will


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