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And plant love among the whole family. May they always be healthy and happy and bursting with the fe

A prayer of a mother who always carried with her in her purse

May God, the God and God of my fathers, wish before you, that you will always preserve and guard and cherish my dear children from all harm and from all evil and from all sickness, and give them a long life of happiness and honor, and give them in the end a lasting seed, decent and righteous sons.

And will plant among the whole family and among themselves love, brotherhood, peace and evil. May they always be healthy and happy and bursting with the feeling of brotherhood and togetherness and mutual love and constant support and above all love without limit and under all conditions.

And may my flowers blossom and grow and flourish and develop into people wise and prudent sons, lovers of God, God-fearing, men of truth, holy seed, in God adhering and illuminating the world with Torah and good deeds and all the work of the Creator.

And he will plant deep in their hearts, and especially in the hearts of Zvi, the love of the Torah, the desire to study the Torah, perseverance and stickiness, and that he will succeed in his studies and feel the sweetness of the Torah study -

And they will grow higher and higher, from force to force, to sanctify your name in the world in every full sense of the word. And that every child will exercise his powers and feelings.

And plant in their hearts your love and awe to do your will and serve you wholeheartedly as Jews among all the children of Israel.

And bless the dear children a whole blessing as it is said: For in the study of the Torah all things.


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