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Borax, a cake for Shabbat ... and she does not speak. She really did not speak. She hugged m

We worked together as educators at the Kiryat Arba studio and lived in the same building. To talk about Dina is to close your eyes and upload pictures. These images express more than any speech.

To see Dina's face on the eve of Passover, when we stand and rub and rub, dirty and scrub and Dina returns from a trip, because a week before Pesach they finished all the preparations for Pesach and went for a walk. And every year Rabbi Eli would say, "It's time to take a walk because the bloom is at its peak" and we stand and rub.

And to see Dina with a parcel delivery that is always "small and unsuccessful" and he was so beautiful, in good taste, so delicious "But just, I did not succeed and so ..."

And pictures ... and I stand in a ceremony near the Cave of the Patriarchs on the eve of Independence Day and no matter what, I will always see her standing there shining and shining.

There is one picture that is very, very strong in my heart, it is from the terrible days, in a row before or in a row after (at the "Nir" yeshiva in Kiryat Arba), Dina is standing and on the one hand Dina's mother Her two daughters. This is the most prominent image. Sticky, beautiful, portable. Their whole stand is a stand of prayer and it is so beautiful and I would always look at that beauty. I have no words to even express it.

Many times since the murder I have climbed the stairs to my home and the imaginary picture of Dina's last moments comes to me. I can not facilitate that Dina, with all the powers of goodness and innocence and beauty of life and on the other hand a human animal. How can he not just die from her standing in front of him ?! Or vice versa. I feel that Dina walked proudly, happily in faith. I have no shadow of a doubt, so she went because so she was.

At her Shabbat Pleasure at home, while we were parallel educators and once did a joint Shabbat Pleasure of the classrooms, all the girls sang and there are no words to describe the sunrise and Dina’s radiant smile.

I remember ourselves as educators coming back together from the studio and Dina does not see bad things in the world. There are no bad things in the world. All is well. Sometimes it bothered me 'How can you not see? It's wrong and it's wrong and it's wrong. ' She does not see. It is not that she sees good because she cannot see evil, she sees good because within her vision she turns evil into good. When Dina came across something that was not good, she was not angry, Max was sad, but not angry.

I remember myself jealous of Dina's good friends who are good friends and such close. And on the other hand, I remember myself in the moments when she also opens everything with me. Not just in front of me, in front of the whole world. She's basically everyone's good friend.

Before one of the girls' wedding, Dina goes to buy a dress. All of us, everyone with her in the field, are partners in buying the dress. Everyone is involved. Not out of nudity but out of the bride. It contains us all and we are all in there.

At the Purim party after I brought my first son, I came from his Seven Blessings party and Dina grabs me and dances with me in such a dance and in such joy.

When I came back from swearing at my father and knocking on the door on Friday and Dina shows up with a plate with all sorts of things .. borax cake to sit .. and she does not speak. She really did not speak. Hugged me, smiled and cried, tear and smile and that's all.

And pictures ... pictures ... pictures ...

We are on an annual trip and Dina comes into our room and says "Oh, what, the track tomorrow is not right for me, the track is not difficult for me" and I, who did not plan to go on the track, asked Dina in the hope that she would stay with me "So you stay?" Suddenly, the girls are going, what am I not going for? 'And she comes back then shining all over, she did it, she went.

The pictures are really overwhelming and it is impossible to talk about Dina, one can only say that Dina is not dead. Dina lives because Dina is all animals and we feel her and she exists with us all the time, and at the same time, we are flesh and blood and she is so so lacking in us.


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