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Dear Debbie, This time I was enthusiastic not about your usual Hebrew, but about the content of the

Ben Shemen 23.5.1975

Dear Debbie, Batsheva and Eli Hello!

... I want to thank you for the wonderful picture of Batsheva, truly an outstanding baby, cute and sweet. And I had the great pleasure of seeing her even in photography.

I showed her picture even to my daughters and all our friends, and everyone said just take such a picture for a baby food commercial. That's how a beautiful seven-year-old is. She has great facial features. I imagine how proud your parents are of the beautiful granddaughter.

Dear Debbie, this time I was enthusiastic not about your usual Hebrew, but about the content of the letters. What a beautiful and healthy view, and I wish our sabras were like that thinking like you. Everything was different. They would not flee to America so as not to go to the reserves.

I had your letters read to my daughters, and they said, "Mom, you really write very well."

I read your letters several times and thought: how is this a girl who came from America and did not know all the troubles as we went through in Europe, how did you come up with a beautiful and politically healthy thought, even though your parents did not educate you to Zionism and pioneering?

It is your thought created within you without receiving any education towards it. Well done!

I think your Hanukkah letter is definitely worthy of publication. You really have a talent for expressing beautiful ideas. We'll still have a writer here in the family, if you have the strength for that.

I keep your last letters in my palace. I enjoyed them so much. How are you? Does Batsheva already know how to sit up when she gets tired? Don't worry about it, this is how most babies behave. She looks like a healthy girl in body and mind.

It also depends on how the parents know how to educate from infancy. And as I see you, you know being a mother with a lot of love and that's very important for babies. They understand everything and should treat them like adults.

Debbie, I very much ask you to be in Jerusalem to come to us for one day with the baby, Moshe really wants to hug her in his arms. You do not even have to notify.

We do not travel much, and thank God, we do not lack anything, only health and peace in the country. And we want me to come and get to know him better.

In the immediate vicinity, in our forest in Ben Shemen, we built an amusement park for children. Too bad I do not get to meet you again. You were all healthy and happy.

In love and friendship

Shoshana and Moshe

Kisses to Batsheva


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